5 Simple Steps For Beautiful Hair.

People are often so busy that they rarely think about the whole idea of taking more time for themselves, I know this only too well. Even though I always try to make a conscious effort to take time for me, life sometimes gets in the way. Being a mum to a feisty threenager having alone time to recuperate is rare, but definitely something that I need to do more. As a work from home mum my life is basically a big balancing act, juggling my work load, being a mother, being a wife and considering home life too. Most mornings consist of getting up, rushing to get my daughter her breakfast, into her uniform, getting myself ready and out the door before 8 am. A few hours to try and get some work done before going back to collect her from nursery which is followed by afternoons full of play groups, play dates, or baking sweet treats. So it comes as no surprise when I say that I am just too tired to make time for me. So today I wanted to share some simple steps for the perfect daily hair care routine that are sure to be help create lustrous locks, with out spending too much time in doing so.

The obvious reason for brushing your hair is keeping it tangle-free, which also helps to distribute natural oils evenly throughout your hair. Leaving your hair soft and super shiny. Use a good and quality brush to gently brush the hair, as vigorous brushing can scratch the scalp and break the hair. The Tangle Angel Pro* and its innovative design make it easier to manage knotty hair keeping it silky smooth and easy to style. My hair is really thick and long which means it tangles very easily. Not only stunning to look at but also easy to use and highly functional. Tangle Angel Pro can be held around the wings for greater control and feel, or by the handle for everyday combing and detangling. It's also resistant up to 120 °C, as the bristles retain their shape even when used with the high temperatures generated by some hairdryers. This brush definitely stands out from the rest as it's been designed in a way to ensure that it's super hygienic and you're not left pulling our strands of hair like some other traditional designs.
I have always struggled with oily roots and dry ends I could even go on to say straw like ends that break so easily. I have tried no end of products to try and nourish my dry ends but these can leave my roots looking very greasy, so greasy that it doesn't always even look as if I wash my hair. I wash my hair far too much, every other day! I know, I know. I should be allowing the natural oils do it's thing rather than using shampoos and conditioners to clean my hair. The natural oils to help condition and protect hair follicles and the more you wash them away, the more likely they are stripped away. So I only wash my hair 2-3 time a week! Sometimes how often you need to wash your hair depends primarily on the type of hair you have. Typically dry and coarse hair requires washing every second or third day; fine and oily hair needs to be washed every day; and normal hair should be washed every other day. By using a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type is also important. Phil Smith Be Gorgeous and their total treat shampoo and conditioner has been a great way to keep my hair replenished. This total treat collection will miraculously transform the texture of your hair. It helps to lock in moisture to heal dry, damaged hair and restore smoothness. The combination of coconut and and Moroccan Argan Oil gives this a luxurious texture, and you can almost see your hair drinks up its goodness.

It's time to get smart about styling! When it comes to choosing styling product for your hair is all depends on your hairstyle, however keep in mind that these products can actually damage hair and spoil hair growth if used too much. So try and embrace a more natural way of styling and avoid using hair styling products at least once a week to give your hair the chance to recover from the stress of being subjected to all these harsh products, less is more when it comes to styling products. When it comes to treating dry or damaged hair try adding some natural products into life, like Aloe Vera as it can give your hair a new lease of life, in the way it looks and feels.
Harsh hairstyles that consistently use hair bands, clips, rollers or pull hair into tight styles such as cornrows, pony tails can effect the hair follicles badly. As can incorrectly used chemicals such as dyes, bleaches, straighteners and hair dryers. Being someone who has thick wavy hair, there are times where I need to dry and straighten my hair, but all this heat, styling and brushing can really be damaging so try and stay away from the heat where possible. So instead of an everyday use limit to these two to three times a week. When it comes to choosing your styling tools choose ones that are kinder to your hair. The Xtava Pro Satin Flat straightener features highly efficient, infrared heat technology that is proven to cause less damage to the hair cuticle as you straighten. For someone who needs to straighten quite a bit, this is great news. As with most heating elements doing it too often, without taking the necessary measures to prevent heat damage can actually give you the opposite look you was trying to achieve. So armed with serums and sprays you will be able to maintain your luscious locks even on the highest temperature with the Xtava Pro-Satin Straighteners.
I'm sure that I am not alone when I say that I really over-style my hair with shampoos, conditioners, styling products and my poor hairdryer and straighteners have just about had it! Sadly, hair can be damaged quickly, but bringing it back to good health can take some time. But for me by having regular hair cuts, keeping the styling tools to a minimum can help, it's OK to let the bouffant dry naturally. But when I begin to see a few split ends I will switch my cleansing and styling products and use some that have been designed to help protect and restore damaged hair. I do find this daily natural hair care routine simple and easy to follow. I do not spend a lot of time on my hair. Above all, I do not waste my hard earned money on visiting a hair dresser. You'll have to let me know what steps you take to perfect your hair care routine. 

~ This post contains gifted items but all opinions are my own. ~


  1. My hair is one of my most precious parts of me and my idea of beauty. I got a tangle teaser last year and it’s changed my whole hair care regime!

  2. I have a Tangle Angel, and a Pet Angel, they are lovely! I love your gold one!

  3. I really need to spend more time on hair! I don't look after it very well at all x