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A Beautiful Bouquet To Brighten Up Your Day

Autumn has to be, by far, my favourite season of the year. There's nothing quite like looking at the changing colours of nature, the fresh crisp air, chunky knits, tan boots, cinnamon scents, and not forgetting berry coloured lipsticks. I'm definitely looking forward to snuggling up in blankets and reading a good book whilst watching the rain outside in the coming months. But sometimes on the darker days I need something bright and colourful to add into my home to banish those mornings. So when I was kindly send some beautiful roses and lilies you could say that this brightened up my day, I absolutely love having fresh, colourful flowers in the house. I think that it does wonders for my moon and they make my home feel so brighter, more colourful and smell gorgeous too. 

123 Flowers has an array of gorgeous bouquets for all occasions, so there is something for everyone. Their flowers arrive fresh daily from trusted farms in Holland and Kenya and each bouquet is hand tied by their talented florists with care to make sure your gesture gives maximum impact. They also provide bespoke orders, whether you are looking for a custom bouquet or a number of arrangements to thank clients and colleagues. There is something for everyone and they like to make sure that your experience with as easy as 123. I was kindly send over Roses and Lilies Bouquet. The scent and beauty of this bouquet will delight the senses of any lucky recipient. These Stargazer Lilies, Memory Roses, and Pistacia contrast beautifully in terms of colour and texture for a stunningly balanced bouquet. The bouquet comes in three different sizes: Standard includes 9 stems, medium includes 11 stems and large includes 13 stems. 

When you order your flowers there is a small note about substitutions, in that due to seasonal availability certain flowers from time to time may be unavailable and substitutions will be used in it's place. In these cases, 123 flowers will use the best match with the stem pictured, and it will always be equal or higher value to the one picture. You can choose a delivery date that suits you or the person you are sending a beautiful bouquet to which is then delivered by a courier. Delivery is between 8am and 6pm, however during busy period these hours may be extended. 

SIMPLE AS 1 2 3 

Personalise Your Order.
Select the size of your bouquet

Add an extra. 
As a standard you will receive a pop up vase, but for addition cost you can add a glass vase, bear, balloons, chocolates, wine, champagne and even a birthday cake. 

Choose a delivery date that suit you. 
You can choose from a standard delivery which is FREE or choose premium delivery that is tracked for £2.95.

Write a message card.
You have up to 200 character to send your loved one a heartfelt message. 

The flowers arrive early the next morning in a large black and white box, the flowers were packaged well. The bouquet was placed inside another box with a handle that you simply pulled on to ease the bouquet out without tarnishing any of the flowers. Also inside the box was a vase and a pop up box. Inside the cellophane around the bouquet included some feed, so I cut the stems and placed them inside the glass vase. There was absolutely no faffing around with this beautiful bouquet and I have had them a week now, and they are lasting and I am sure that they will last more than the seven days which is guaranteed. I decided to place this beautiful bouquet on my dining table, to help brighten up my living room, as I write this they are currently £22 so don't forget to order yours! You will not be disappointed. 

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28 comments on "A Beautiful Bouquet To Brighten Up Your Day"
  1. I love receiving and sending flowers, this is probably the most simplest way to do it as far as I know. How pretty are the floral arrangements too? Pretty in Pink :)

    1. It was a beautiful arrangement! I was so lucky to be able to receive two lots too!

  2. Oh how beautiful! I'm really loving having fresh flowers in the home at the moment xx

    1. Fresh flowers are perfect for the home! Great way to brighten up our front room.

  3. It's amazing the difference a beautiful fresh bunch of flowers makes to the house. I don't have them often, but love it when I do

  4. Oh wow these look truly beautiful!

  5. I'd never heard of this company before but I'll be sure to check them out. I love sending flowers as thank you gifts, new baby etc etc ox

    1. I am familiar with Bloom and Wild so it was quite refreshing to review this company!

  6. This bouquet is so beautiful , love the bright pink tones

    1. Thank you, certainly brightened up my living room!

  7. Oh those flowers are gorgeous. I love the colours. These look great for sending as a gift too x

    1. My mother-in-law adores Lillies so she would have loved this!

  8. oh wow these are beautiful I love fresh flowers in the house x

  9. I love flowers and sending them as gifts! They’re so lovely, have some in m home at the moment :)

  10. You can't beat fresh blooms, especially when they're delivered to your door!! x

    Gemma Louise

  11. This sounds awesome, especially as sometimes you can't get the exact flowers you want in the supermarket!
    M x

    1. Yes, I always find that then I have to settle for a wilted bunch!

  12. Flowers are such a treat. We really should buy them for ourselves more. We're totally worth it! ;)

    1. Give the ole husband a nudge lol! I'm sure he will get a hint!

  13. You're right, flowers can really lift the mood as well as brightening the place up. These are absolutely beautiful, anyone would be delighted to receive them I'm sure.

    1. Thanks! I know that all the ladies in the family would love to receive a bunch of these!

  14. Oh it's always so lovely to receive flowers! I'm (sometimes!) a bit of a last minute gifter too - so next day sounds amazing! x

    1. I have not been great with dates at the moment!


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