147 Things By Jim Chapman

So way before I made the decision to become a blogger myself, I would spend my evenings watching YouTube videos. I became obsessed with beauty bloggers and finding out the latest beauty trends, watch tutorials and even catch a ramble or two from my favourites. Pretty much since then vlogging has becomes the done thing and now there are so many more amazing vloggers. There are a handful of bloggers and Youtubers that I follow and it seems absolutely crazy to think that even now, I have been watching them for nearly a decade. In some kind of way, not a weird way, when you have watched someone for so long you feel some kind of connection with them, and feel as if you know them without actually meeting them. Quite a few of the bloggers and Youtubers that I watchedreligiously have embarked on their new careers and into publishing books and one of these is of course Jim Chapman. 

For those who don't know, where have you been? Jim Chapman is an English blogger and model, best known for his YouTube channel which covers lifestyle, fashion and pop culture topics and with over 2.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel he is pretty much a big deal. Not only is he a YouTube sensation he is so much more than that, he's GQ contributor, stationery designer, face of high-end brands and a now a newly published author. I have been subscribed to Jim's channel for many years, but if you go and see his content, you will see why. It's very fun, witty and some of his content will leave you in lots of laughter. I think the reason why I like Jim so much is that be comes across so genuine in his videos, and seems really down to earth, which can be hard to convey in videos. I also love watching his wife on her channel too, it's even better when they feature in each others channels. So you can understand my excitement when I was picked to review his brand new book, 147 Things. In his own words, this is his 'users guide to the universe' and it's about a huge variety of things that he has either thought about or questioned in the past, from first times, to sleep talking, to the universe, to heartbreak and so much more. Anything you could have ever possibly wondered or imagined, Jim has written about it, dissected it and explained it in as much detail as possible.

147 Things is a collection of all the little facts and snippets of information that Jim has gathered over the years and stored in his brain, explaining everything from why being hungry makes us moody, to how it took nearly 50 years to invent a tin openers to just how incredible it is for us human beings to even be here, existing as we do. Not to mention some hilarious life experiences Jim has had to face including attempting to wax his testicles go to page 12 now and the very squeamish laser eye surgery procedure. I am someone who loves random fact books, having rather the collection myself, I knew that this book was going to be something that I would enjoy. 

Not only did 147 thing document various facts and figure, there was something else about this book that makes it far more appealing for me, some of the information that Jim talks about never had even crossed my mind. In a way, by reading this book has widened my knowledge for the bigger things that you can come across in life. Since I received this book in the post, I have been pretty much glued to it, especially around page 12 where I really struggle to hold in fits of laughter next to my sleeping husband! It was a struggle! I genuinely mean this, 147 Things is something that I have never ever read before. Jim comes across in this book exactly as he does in his videos.

Another great thing about this book is that there are no set out chapters, but each 'thing' is quite short and each header is larger and bolder so you know exactly where you left it. I do love how each 'thing' as such, flows perfectly into the next, which I can only assume wasn't easy. In addition to the incredible facts about our world there are some fantastic doodles throughout the book, which are all hand drawn by Jim himself. When I received the book in the mail, inside the package was a few more cards that even included Jim and Tanya's adorable sausage dog, Martha! I thought that this was a lovely touch but it also makes me want to get a sausage dog!

F I N A L  T H O U G H T S 

It really is a fantastic book. It's so well written, it not only includes true and interesting facts it gives a great insight into Jim's life and personality. For someone that has followed Jim for years, I can genuinely say, without knowing Jim on a personal level of course that so much of his personality just pours from each page. It's almost impossible for me to choose a favourite 'Thing', but there were sections I read that will stay with me forever. I was in hysterics reading Thing 2: Curiosity killed the cat (and hurt my testicles) - I'm sure there aren't too many men out there who manage to 'accidentally' wax their nether regions, but Jim did and I'm sorry to say but his account of the whole event is hilarious!! You'll have to read it to see why. I do feel that seeing as it's Christmas time this would be the perfect gift for those who love a fact book, you can grab yourself a copy of 147 Things by Jim Chapman Amazon for just £10.99. If audio books are more your thing you can head on over to SoundCloud and listen to an extract from the book read by Jim himself. If you're not already, please make sure you go and subscribe to Jim's YouTube channel where he uploads regularly or give him a follow on Twitter and Instagram.

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