The Snuggle Sac - A Must Have For Travelling

Some of my favourite childhood memories involved going for weekends away with my grandparents. My brother, sister and I lived for the weekends away with them, other than looking forward to being utterly spoiled by them we also looked forward to the camping side of the weekend. The fun we use to have with putting the tent up and the hours of entertainment with our sleeping bags, pretending we were worms and seeing if we could all fit into one sleeping bag, including the dog. Never ever being successful of course. But the usefulness of those sleeping bags didn't stop there as we got older they became very handy for sleepovers and holidays. We were kindly asked if we would like to review a Snuggle Sac from Ollie and Leila, a lovely company that features beautiful children's bedding and furniture, and I couldn’t wait to try it out.  We were offered many amazing product but in the end we chose the Flower Fairy design as we are a little obsessed with fairies.

The Snuggle Sac arrived in its own tote bag, perfect for storing it away neatly and also for travelling. My daughter couldn't wait to open the package when it arrived, as she knew it was for her. My daughter went absolutely bonkers when a fairy was revealed inside the Snuggle Sac and we even gave our new fairy a name. I bet you cannot guess what we named her??? Tinkerbell, who would have thought of that one.

The Snuggle Sac, from Ollie and Leila is a fluffy, soft sleeping bag. It can be used to replace normal conventional bedding, for camping and sleepovers or just for snuggling up on the sofa. So far we have used it for keeping cosy on the sofa, but we are going away for a little holiday in North Yorkshire very soon, so it will be coming with us. I can see that it will be great for holidays or weekends away. It’s a decent size meaning it will last them all a good few years, even I could fit inside. It comes in a handy carry bag and unlike traditional sleeping bags which are an absolute nightmare to try and get back into the bag, it goes back in nice and easily. What makes the Snuggle Sac even better is that it has a pouch for you to slip a pillow inside, perfect sleepovers or holidays.

The Snuggle Sac retails at £50, which may seem a little pricey in comparison to other sleeping bags, but it's so much more than just a sleeping bag. It has been perfect for snuggling on the sofa as the weather has been so cold in the countryside, but we have also found that it has really helped my daughter to actually keep herself covered during the night. No more 4am wakeups because she's cold anymore.

Would you try the snuggle sac?