Pairfum Innocent Vanilla Diffuser

The summer is here and it's time for us to focus on our home. We have been trying to give our home a fresh new look, one room at a time. Throughout we have a neutral theme and with each room we are trying to introduce some colour, which is exciting. But as well as this we are trying to get rid of anything that we feel may clutter certain rooms, we are aspiring to a lovely clean, crisp, neutral, clutter free home. Our first project for the summer is to try and create this look throughout my living room and dining room and we have been getting a few items for our living room to help bring it back to life. A new addition to my home has been a wonderful reed diffuser from boutique brand PAIRFUM in the most amazing scent Innocent Vanilla. We've only been using it a few days and I can tell you it's amazing, my house smells of cakes. What could be better than that?

My husband is a little obsessed with air fresheners and diffusers. While I prefer candles and melts, simply because they last longer. I often find that some diffusers lose their scent after a few weeks, they can also be quite expensive. I am a type of girl that loves to get their hands on something that is a bargain, but long lasting. Perhaps I expect too much? That was until I came across this Pairfum Reed Diffuser. But before I tell you too much I just want to talk a little about PAIRFUM...

What is PAIRFUM?

PAIRFUM London is a boutique perfumery house created by husband and wife team Huib Maat & Josephine McCarthy. They have launched an impressive amount of scents in the past five years of which are available in candles, diffusers, room sprays and even skincare. The PAIRFUM Collection is unique in that it is the first and only to offer a combination of sophisticated and complex but natural couture perfume for you & your home. They mention 'Eco-chique' something I have never heard of, but what is stands for is something that so many should aspire to. They promise to provide a wide range of products that are unique, beautiful but also follow a strict code of ethics.

Furthermore, within this wide range of products PAIRFUM guarantee that they have been created from 100% of natural formations. I think that what makes this brand far more appealing is the fact that they certainly don't cut any corners in the creation of their products. PAIRFUM use a non-VOC fragrance oil serum which is natural and biodegradable. Most other, cheaper diffusers use carrier solvents that are not eco-friendly, bad for your health and damaging to the environment. In my book, they just keep getting better...

The Scent

The innocent vanilla scent is a rich white floral top note of Louisiana magnolia invites you into a soft, enveloping heart of white musk, infused with crushed vanilla pods and resting on a base of sandalwood. I cannot tell you enough how amazing my home smells right now, it's so strong but in no way overpowering. I do find that some vanilla scents can be sickly sweet, which can be too much. But this one is super subtle but strong enough for you to notice. I added all 10 of the reeds to the perfume as I prefer a strong sweet smell in the room. You can control the fragrance's strength and lifespan to your liking by using more or less reeds. After a day or two I arrived back home from a baby class, as soon as I walked through the door I could smell the sweet innocent vanilla aroma. I have had many compliments from family and friends because of the PAIRFUM Diffuser.

The Packaging

How beautiful is the packaging? I love the bell shape bottle and the simple design of the diffuser, especially the black reeds! The box is also gorgeous, it looks like a champagne bottle box! Together they look so chic, simple and elegant and it would look great with any decor. I think that the diffuser looks amazing on the my sideboard in the hallway and on the shelf just as you walk into my home. I do keep changing where the diffuser lives though.


In a nutshell, I love it. I feel so lucky to have come across such a beautiful diffuser. What makes this diffuser even better is what the brand represents. The PAIRFUM Collection is unique in that it is the first and only to offer a combination of sophisticated and complex but natural couture perfume for you & your home. That is exactly what you get with this reed diffuser. PAIRFUM also claim that the diffuser will last between six to nine months which sounds fantastic. I have only been using it a little while and I can't help but feel it's quite the diffuser. This 250ml large reed diffuser fills your home with natural goodness and is available for £37.50. It should last which definitely makes it worth the price.

** Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted Vanilla Diffuser from Pairfum but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own **


  1. Oh vanilla is literally my favourite scent! This sounds amazing - I love that it lasts such a long time too. Sounds like a good buy. x

  2. Oh I love anything like this that helps the house smells homely and vanilla always does that! Also good if you are selling a house too. Love the styling as well. Very sophisticated x

  3. I love the idea that this makes your house smell of cake! What could be better??? It's a really elegant looking diffuser too, and so much safer than candles.