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To My Husband On Our Fourth Anniversary

 Four years ago today we stood at the altar, and made our promises to one another. We were filled with so many hopes, dreams and looking forward to all the memories we were yet to create. Before getting married we knew that our life would be different, our marriage would be different. We would always put one another first, say I love you every day....

But life happened....

In the throes our creating our life together I began to realise that I didn't tell you how much you actually mean to me. Of course we say I love you to one another but I soon realised that I forgot to express how important you are to me and so here on our fourth anniversary I want to tell you...

Four years ago today I remember taking the longest walk in my life. The most important walk that I will probably ever make. I remember those feelings as if it was yesterday, walking to you trying to hold back the tears...Finally what seemed like forever I made it to you. You gave me that cheeky wink, you always give me and then told me that I am beautiful. I knew that you were the one for me pretty much as soon as I met you. As corny as it sounds. It was love at first sight. Not having the courage to actually tell you was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and with the help of others I made it you. I'm so grateful and thankful for you.

In these four years as husband and wife we have learned so many valuable lessons, ones that are more important than we had ever imagined. We have had career changes, a flat, building our forever home, two towns, a beautiful little girl and so many more magical memories. Not forgetting the harder moments. The family disputes, separations, deaths, the hospital stays, troubling times with conceiving and our own issues as a couple.

There have been moments of elation, moments where all we feel is sadness and not forgetting moments where we feel as if we are never going to be good enough. Despite it all my love, we have to be thankful and grateful for these moments, treasure them almost. In a way by going through these moments as husband and wife has made us better people, they have most definitely made us better parents to our daughter. It's so important to see the dark moments not as failure, but actually the making of us.

Being a parent has most definitely changed our marriage and us. All that I know is that our daughter adores you and I honestly couldn't have wished for a better father for our daughter. From the day we found out we were expecting you was with me every step of the way. You were so encouraging and always hands on with her with changing nappies, giving her a bath, reading a bed time story and soothing her when she cries. Every step of the way! I think that your presence and your effort at the beginning has helped so much with your bond with our daughter.  There really is nothing more beautiful than a love between father and his daughter. There's just something about those moments when you just take her in your arms, put her on your shoulders, tuck her in at night, or just taking her hand. It makes my heart melt every time.

With that I just want to wish you a very happy fourth anniversary and to thank you. Thank you for working so hard to provide us, your hard work is always appreciated. Thank you for loving me, I know it's not always easy, thank you for our daughter and most importantly thank you for being you.

Love you always and forever...

14 comments on "To My Husband On Our Fourth Anniversary"
  1. Aww, sounds like you picked a good husband, he sounds a keeper! ;-) Happy Anniversary xx

  2. It's amazing how much can happen in just four short years isn't it? It's so lovely to see this touching tribute to your husband, and so glad you're still very in love . Happy anniversary x

    1. Aw thank you that's so kind. It's been an emotional rollercoaster that's for sure.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love your wedding pics and the last one is so beautiful! Truly the man of your life! #SundayBest

  4. aww lovely post and it sounds like your hubby is doing amazing! #KCACOLS

    1. Aw he'll do! Haha I'm kidding, he really is a gem.

  5. What a beautiful post and your photos are gorgeous! Happy anniversary! Thank you for linking up to #SundayBest x

    1. Thank you, that's very kind! It was a pleasure, thank you for hosting!

  6. aww this is very sweet. I love all your photos of your wedding! Happy Anniversary!

    1. We both have changed since this day. I do love sharing our wedding photos on here.

  7. Happy anniversary to you both. What a beautiful and heartfelt letter. I wish you many more happy years together



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