OH MY BLOG: The Mum Edition with Lisa Cowan

Oh My Blog is a monthly interview series, where fellow bloggers come together to answer a series of questions on a specific theme. This is a chance to get acquainted with a whole range of bloggers, some of whom you may not have heard of before, and learn a little more about them!

This month, the theme is Mums (because it’s Mother’s Day soon!) and we’re hosting Lisa from Lisa Cowan

Introduce us to your mum. What’s her name? What does she do? Reveal her age if you dare!
Hey! My mum is Sue, or as I like to call her, Suzie poo’s or Nana Sue. She’s a single mama that’s had it rough but always makes the best out of a bad bunch. She’s a support worker for clients with learning disabilities. She’s 54 and has no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

What’s the one thing your mum always used to say to you?
‘Well, it’s your own fault’. My mum’s not one for wise words, but comes from a family of tough love.

Someone’s playing your mum in a film. Who is it and why?
Honestly, I couldn’t pick an actress to play my mum in a film, no one would be able to act like her.

She’s won the lottery. What’s the first thing your mum buys for herself?
A washing machine. No joke. The woman is a stubborn mule and fails to treat herself, and only buys what she needs. As of now, her washer is on it’s way out and that’s probably what she would buy. Or maybe a new car!

What embarrassing story about you does she always tell when you meet new people?
Not really any stories but she always tells them she calls me Mona Lisa or Kevin from Kevin and Perry because ‘it’s so unfair’.

What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year?
This year is my first Mother’s Day, and my mum’s first Nana’s day too. I’m unsure of our plans as my partner is working and we’re not sure if my mum is. I know that me and my brothers will spoil my mum whether she’s home on the day, or before.

What’s her favourite TV show at the moment?
Her favourite TV show at the moment is The Voice, it’s the only thing we agree on watching together.

What’s the biggest or most important thing that your mum inspired you to do?
My mum inspired me to cook. She used to cook a lot when I was a young child and it stopped, but it always made me want to become a better cook.

Your round at the bar! What’s your mum drinking?
A coke haha! She used to drink half of Carling, but over the past few years has stopped drinking and you wouldn’t catch her at the bar!

What’s the biggest different between you and your mum?
The biggest difference between me and my mum is our personalities. She’s a clean freak, where as I like creative mess. She’s a person who wants to do everything in one minute, where as I plan for an entire day. I’m a softie and she’s a tough nut. We’re both extremely stubborn though.

Most important question of the lot. What is your mum’s stance on 50 Shades of Grey? Does she love it? Hate it? Not even know what it is?
Oh goodness me. She brought it up at the dinner table and started talking about it so yeah, she loves it. However, she will always say that it’s naff, even after reading all three books.

What’s your favourite memory of your mum?
My favourite memory of my mum is my mum on holiday. Carefree lady away from home dancing the night away.

What do you think your mum was like as a kid?
I’ve been told many stories, apparently my mum took on the motherly role to her younger siblings, but apparently she was a crazy kid always up to mischief.

Cast your mind back a bit; what was the thing you did as a child or teenager that made your mum the angriest she has ever been with you?
I think what made my mum the angriest was finding out I was at a party, but my friends thought it was funny to joke that they were all taking drugs while I was on the phone to her. That did not go down well.

Finally, what’s the BEST piece of advice your mum ever gave to you?
Is it bad to say I can’t remember my mum ever giving me a piece of advice? She just tells me ‘Don’t lose it’ or ‘Have you got’. I never really thought about it before, but it’s just not the type of person my mama is!

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  1. Ahhh, Sue sounds like a legend! What a brilliant mum and a fab interview

  2. Ahhh, I love this series. Love that they watch The Voice together. I keep trying to convince my Mum that we should watch this together but she won't have it!

  3. This is a great series, so fun to read about Lisa and her mum! x