I hope that February was a great month for you all. February was a busy one for us, the day of love, the funfair and pancake day. But in the midst of a crazy month there were moments of self-doubt with myself and my blog. If you did want to see what we got up to then go and read our monthly updates. I don't know about you but I love the start of a new month, looking ahead, making plans and everything is fresh and new. Another great thing about the start of a new month is that monthly favourites begin to roll out and these types of posts and videos are my guilty pleasures. So with this in mind, I thought that I would jump on the monthly favourite train and tell you about all the things I have been loving this month. I hope that you don't mind?

Basically this monthly favourite segment will be a little place where I can ramble on about all the products and random things that I have been loving throughout the month. It will only be about five to six things a month, so I don't keep you for too long. Can you actually believe we are in March already? I'm so glad to see the back of the bitter winter and welcome the beautiful sunshine, blue skies and all the pretty flowers. Like any other month we always have lots planned and I'm sure I will blog as we have our adventures. So don't forget to come back and see what we've been up to. I think that I have rambled on for far too long now here so let's get to it.

Soap and Glory SPEED PLUMP All Day Super Moisturiser Marvel. (RRP £13.00/50ml)
I am a big fan of Soap and Glory products and this product doesn't disappoint. The texture of the moisturiser isn't too thick, it's very light and absorbs so well into the skin. Winter hasn't been kind to my skin and so I needed a fast-absorbing day fluid that will help to keep my dry skin and eczema at bay. Another great thing about product is that is smells amazzzzzing. It's loaded with oxygenators, super hydrating watermelon, a wrinkle smoothing marine plant and elasticity promoting raspberry stem cells. After using it a few times my skin was left feeling smoother and so much brighter, so if you are looking for a product that hydrates your skin, that's not too heavy and smells like summer then look no further than this little number.
One of my friends kindly introduced me to the fragrance and now it's a firm favourite of mine. I love the classy and elegant bottle, which looks great on a dressing table. This smaller version of the Cerruti Eau De Toilette comes in the most adorable sized bottle that is perfect for women on the go as it can be easily popped into your handbag. It is a beautiful crisp & fresh EDT that can be worn for both day and night. It is fabulously long lasting, very different and I am always getting compliments on my fragrance. It's moderately priced, so in every way a winner. Grab a bottle and enjoy!
Kindle Fire Tablet 7", 8GB Black (£49/Special Offers Included).
My husband knows I love reading and so for Valentines day he surprised me with a brand new kindle. I know, he's so thoughtful. I think my older one was about five years old and has been taxed by lovely little daughter who is obsessed with watching play-doh videos. Are your children obsessed too?  I am really glad that my husband purchased a newer version as my Kindle Fire HD 7 as it was struggle to hold it's charge. I have to say that this was a great purchase, it's slighter lighter than my previous one and I can actually hold it in one hand. I love this Kindle because it's very responsive when using apps, books are really easy to read and the memory is expandable. So all in all a great purchase if you're looking to upgrade a kindle.

Since matte lipsticks have become a thing because of Kylie Jenner and I want to keep hold of the last ounce of my youth as I possible can, I have been sucked in too. But with it been winter and my lips can become super dry I have been dabbling in the world of lip gloss once again, and this is the perfect one. Sexy Mother Pucker, what a name right? The scent of this lip gloss is quite possibly the best scent on the planet. It smells just like chocolate orange and even when its applied to the lip you can smell it every now and again! With this Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss, it activates so soon as it's applied, the tingling sensation isn’t painful, but it does last much longer than any other plumping gloss I’ve tried. I must admit it was more intense that I expected! These bad boys really do pack a punch! While it does plump out my lips it also makes them look incredibly glossy without being sticky and leaves my lips feeling very smooth and soft. Once applied it lasts for quite a while on the lips - especially for a gloss I was very impressed! I can get at least 4 hours (without eating) before I needed to reapply. This shade is perfect for leaving in your handbag as it would go with any makeup look and you would definitely apply without a mirror on the go.
I almost forgot about this little beauty. For some reason or another it has made it's way into our spare room and so now I use it to keep my wedding rings in overnight. My daughter loves to escape her bedroom to go and play with this trinket, she is really careful with them so how can I mind her playing with them. This trinket was brought as a gift from Avon many moons ago and I have been looking far and wide for it and I can't find it anywhere, so I have linked a few products that are similar.
Real Techniques Contour Brush (£20, Core Collection)
The new year saw me making some beauty promises to myself and one was to try and up my contour game. I have dabbled with contouring, but I never seem to get into the habit of doing it everyday. Boots had an amazing offer with this core collection and I have been using it ever since, however I never really use each brush for what they are meant for - surely I'm the only one who does this? But as I said this year I'm upping my contour game and I have fallen in love with this contour brush. This brush is dense, extremely soft against the skin and it's tapered in a way that helps to contour the face. It doesn't feel scratchy on the face and buffs product in very well. I have been using this brush for both cream and powder, which is ideal for applying product to the hollows of my cheeks and blends out the colour to a natural finish.


  1. A great idea to round up things you have been loving! I love my kindle too it's fab, I don't read on anything else now. I know what you mean about the play-doh videos - for us it's also surprise eggs! xx

  2. I might have to try that moisturiser. I love Soap and Glory too, their lip glosses are fab and their face wash! Thanks for joining #marvmondays

  3. Some nice picks there! I like Soap and Glory too but have never seen that moisturiser. I might look into it. #MarvMondays

  4. I too love monthly round-ups, they are always a good summary. I also love reading what other people like about products, it feels much more 'honest' than marketing speak, so thanks for sharing yours.

  5. Now I hope you don't think it's cheeky Kelly-Anne, but would youlike to link this up to our #SnappedUp linky? It's over on my blog Family Makes. There's a great prize to win, and also a chance to be featured in the BritMums shopping haul roundup. We'd love to see you there xx

  6. LOVE the Kindle. Can not live without it. Lovely choices here. Also loving the flat-lay. I am rubbish at them!