Sunday Slumber

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope the weekend has been kind to you, whatever you have been doing. Some of you may be wrapped up in blankets, drinking tea while reading this, some may be on your way out for an adventure. Me? I plan on spending most of the day having lots of cuddles with my poorly lady and organising my blog schedule for the week. So I thought that today I would catch up with you all and share what I have been up to in the past week or two :)

Last week, after what seems like forever my husband actually had some time off and so it made complete sense to take advantage. As a part of our goals for this year, we both made a pact to spend some more time as a family of three. Not that we don't, but I can't help but feel as if my husband misses out on all our adventures because he is either working, on a course or thinking about work. The boy loves his job! So, this week other than the boring food shop we decided to venture out in the rain and make our way to Farmer Fred's Adventure Play Barn for the afternoon. We had a blast. So much so that I would go as far to say that we probably had more fun than the toddler. Any excuse to be a toddler again! As I'm writing this blog post my daughter is pointing at my laptop asking if she can go to Farmer Bread's today, haha!

This week has felt really creative for me, in a range of ways. I have been busy setting up some collaborations with some brands and lovely bloggers, I have been experimenting with some make-up looks as every now and again it's always a good thing to shake up your make-up routine (the post will become a feature very soon, so keep those eyes peeled).  I'm also so excited to tell you all that one of my posts has been a feature on three different linkies this weekend - it certainly has been the highlight of my week. I think that this is just what I needed right now, as I feel as if I was in a bit of a blogging slump. But yay! Being a feature has helped motivate myself and I can already see I am being far more productive, I'm quite excited for the upcoming weeks on Mimi Rose and Me. *Fist Pumps*
In other news...
The end of this week saw a very poorly little lady. Yes, snots and the lot. I hate when my little lady becomes ill, she doesn't cope too well and neither does Mummy. Daddy gets away with doing the midnight runs to her room because of work - the lucky bugger. So today we were stuck in the house watching many episodes of Peter Rabbit! A programme I will sure to become tiresome of in the next few weeks! But as per, I always need to go out whenever we are house bound, bloody typical. Thankfully living near the in-laws come in handy when you need help with the germ monster, my mum-in-law came over to look after the little lady while I popped to the shop for milk, bread and coffee (they ran out of Yorkshire Tea!!!). Our visit from Nanny Caney did brighten up our day - I had coffee, adult conversation and went outside, bliss. I'm pretty lucky to have such a wicked bond with my mum-in-law, none of the wicked, my son is too good for you crap. Anyway, I'm babbling. So, as you can see we have had a bit of a Sunday Slumber, but I am definitely not complaining. Let's hope my little lady feels better soon, however the girl is always up for a selfie sesh.

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  1. Weather is dreadful here so cuddles under the duvet with a poorly Miss OMG would be great.

    Except she is a cranky little so and so today. So not much chance of cuddles.