January is such an odd month. I spend half the month still feeling the Christmas holiday mind set and the second half making plans for the upcoming year. My daughter however is still singing rocking around the Christmas tree and I don't think she will be stopping anytime soon, I am hoping she forgets about Christmas at least before her birthday in June. At the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself to blog more often and felt so inspired by other bloggers to actually keep my promise. How has your January been? Did you make any goals, hopes or dreams for the upcoming year? So here is what we've been up to this month...


Most of you know that I spend most of my days running around after my mischievous toddler, but in the moments where she's calm and quiet, normally during an episode of Paw Patrol or eating food I blog. Last month, was crazy. I'm sure that most of you bloggers would have been just as busy in the midst of the mad rush that comes with Christmas and was looking forward to January being a time to catch a breath. But, it's been full on. I have been catching up on a few delayed posts, writing a few collaborations, working with brands and spreading the word about our blog series #MotherhoodMondays. As well as the normally blogging work, after what seems like forever, I finally stopped being lazy and bought my own domain so we officially have our own website. Next stop...going self hosted. 


This month my daughter finally ditched her dummy. Just before Christmas both my husband and I figured that now our daughter was two and half it was time for us to ditch the dummy once and for all. We were keen on encouraging our daughter to try and ditch the dummy by herself and with the use of a little imagination, namely the dummy fairy. We are so proud of our daughter as she managed to give up her dummies all by herself and was actually happy about it. It took us six days, boom! Our next milestone is to try and tackle is potty training! You could say that I went a little potty about the potty this month and I actually did something that I never thought I would do pre-toddler! Yes, I was so happy and clapped like a seal because my daughter did a poop on the potty. Is that acceptable behaviour from a mum of a toddler? 

If you follow the blog you may or may not know that one of my goals for this year is to attend more baby classes with my daughter. We've been to one or two every week so far and had so much fun in them and I can already see a big difference in my daughter's behaviour. Even though most of the time my daughter is an absolute gem, I have seen her not wanting to share as much. My sister has two little girls and whenever we have a playdate with them my daughter is more than happy to share their toys, however when we host the playdate, she doesn't want to share as much. But it was a pleasure to watch her in these baby classes this month and how kind she was in sharing the toys with the other children. When one of the classes ended she even helped the class leader to clear away while everyone else made their way out of the room, it made me smile from ear to ear to watch my daughter be so thoughtful and helpful. 


At home, we have been making some big plans for big changes for the upcoming year. It's around this time of year that we all like the idea of changing the old for new, leaving old things and ideas behind in order to make room for new things and new idea. Our daughter seems to have accumulated more belongings than both my husband and I have done in the nine years we've been together, and so it makes complete sense to upgrade the size of her bedroom. Leaving the smaller bedroom free to do whatever we wish, and we have decided to use this room as an office for ME! I have been inspired so take a look at what I have been dreaming of. Aside from the excitement of a new office we also started our spring clean. I know its only January but we have been trying to get our home organised with the help from Life By Naomi and 'The Organised Life Project' she launched on her blog in the new year. As you can imagine we have been busy decluttering, organising and chucking or donating any unwanted items and it's making our home look so much better. I'm sure we will make our way through the list of jobs to do in no time. 

Spreading the Blog Love

As this is the first monthly updates on the blog I want to share some amazing blog discoveries. I will be sharing a post of their that made me laugh, cry or just deserves a special mention so go grab yourself a cup of tea and share the blog love...

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  1. Exciting plans for the house and getting an office for you - whoop! You will probably find that you are really productive as a result xx

  2. ha ha! The month is over and we too are still in christmas mode! I don't know why!

  3. I wish I still had my Christmas Tree up. I kept the pretty lights though. Great blog. Joining in from #TuesdayTreasures

  4. My 3,5 year-old is still singing Jingle Bells on occasion! Love your idea about the dummy fairy, so far we haven't been very successful. He is fully potty trained though. One step at the time.... :-) #TuesdayTreasures

  5. Totally acceptable mummy of a toddler behaviour, I do exactly the same. Going self hosted is the best thing I ever did, it really pushes you on with your blogging goals. Thanks for linking up with #TuesdayTreasures