Have you heard of the KidloLand app yet?

What are your thoughts about screen time for children? Generally I think it's quite a mixture of opinions and a case of choosing what you think is best for you and your child. A big yes for technology or a big no-no - I believe that there are advantages and disadvantages to screen time. Even though most parents try to limit screen time for their children, I believe that it can be a great learning resource. I have used a number of different apps and educational programs to help and encourage further learning with my daughter. I would go as far to say that these apps have helped my daughter in her learning development but also encouraged her to go through certain learning milestones at a faster rate. 

As a parent it's quite fascinating watching my daughter learning and developing because it means that she's becoming more independent and even if I don't like it she is growing up. That is the reason why I like the Kidloland app so much. My daughter is two years old and can quite easily navigate herself around the app without prompting, but I can also see that by her interacting with this app she is beginning to understand key parts that is crucial for her development.

What is Kidloland?

If you own a pre-schooler and haven't heard of the Kidloland app - then you really need stay and find out what it's all about. Kidloland is a fun and educational app that is jam-packed with Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Games, Stories and Activities that will be sure to engage your pre-schooler and promote further interaction. The app teaches about different fruits, vegetables, animals, ABCs, numbers and shapes just to name a few. But what makes this app even better is that while my daughter plays with each activity she is learning something new each time. I'm not just saying this but it really is a 'must-have' app for any parent with children of a pre-school age. But the greatest thing about this app aside the educational aspect of it...there's NO advertising. Kidloland that gets a big thumbs up from us because my daughter can't get onto Amazon and order me something that she shouldn't be able to. 

In a nutshell

This app is probably one of the best thought out apps aimed at under 5s on the market at the moment. It's an app that is engaging with the bright, colourful characters and illustrations that will be sure to encourage an interaction with your pre-schooler. My daughter found navigating herself around the app and it's content easy and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that there was just so much to choose from, we are still getting through some activities. More songs, stories, activities and games are added every month so there is always something new every time she plays. 

What the toddler thought?

As I'm sure you can imagine my daughter absolutely loves Kidloland and sometimes I struggle to get her off it! I'm really glad that my daughter took to the app pretty much straightaway and this has become her go to app now, which means I can get rid of all the ones that have the annoying advertising! 

When I asked my daughter what she liked about the app she said that she loved the Dinos, Fruits, and Vegetables and she will sit there for some time happily singing along. My daughter likes the chomping monsters which is like a puzzle where she has to fit the pieces together to make the fruit. The musical petals is also becoming a firm favourite where she chooses a song and touches the petals to sound out the song. There is so much to this app we haven't even managed to get through all the activities yet. But while we discover all the new activities not only is my daughter is being entertained but she is learning! 

Would I recommend the app? Without a doubt!!!KidloLand have created the perfect app that is fun, educational and interactive. It has been designed to help stimulate babies through to school starters and I would highly recommend this app, I wish I found out about it sooner. The app is available to download on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. Due to the amount of apps on my phone I decided on this occasion I would download it onto my kindle and now I have pretty much lost my kindle to the toddler and this app!!! You can buy a 3, 6, or 12 monthly subscriptions, we were send a code to try the app out for free to find out exactly what you get for a yearly subscription which retails at about £27.99 - great value.

If you are looking for the perfect app for your pre-schooler then honestly don't look any further than KidloLand, you won't be disappointed!