Hello everyone,

This week has been a bit of a manic one for us. As you know we have been busy trying to get all the last minute preparations finished before we get new carpets. Amelia and I are away next week so we won't be able to help at the last hurdle, to be honest I'm kind of glad we are because I'm sure we would hinder the work anyway. It was such a nice feeling to see the old carpets and the awful lino on the top of the landing getting ripped up. Seriously though, who thought that this was a good idea! In other house news our darling daughter thought that she would 'play' doctor and some how managed to make a 'incision' on our new sofa. I cannot understand how she mastered than one if I'm honest. But after making about 100 calls to different upholsterers no one wanted to touch it because of the type of cut she had made. Thanks Amelia! Anyway we finally managed to get someone to come and take a look and she manage to glue it, it's not great but it's better than it was. Toddlers!!!

I have also been really busy with the blog this week. I've had to make some very tight deadlines but I'm so proud of myself as I managed to get them all ticked off. One product that I want to tell you all about is this cool Bing playset - Sula's House - review coming soon. This playset comes with a Bing and Sula to help and encourage a play pattern around the Bing Episode 'Hide and Seek' where Bing forgets to take the toilet train and has an accident in the crèche. As Amelia is potty training we have been using the idea of the toilet train and it's working so well with her and she adores this set and take Bing and Sula with her everywhere. I have to be very careful we don't leave them behind though.

Towards the end of this week I have been trying to figure out what I need to take with me for our short break. Sadly, my husband is unable to come along with us this time but I have asked my mum to come along instead. This is going to be such a great opportunity for both of us and for the blog, so you will have to come back soon to find out what I mean.
This weekend was also my Dad's birthday and he never ever likes to celebrate. My mum and sister were trying to organise an evening out for him but he didn't want any fuss and was more than happy for my mum to cook him a roast, bless him. So instead I thought that I would make him a Salted Caramel Drip Cake with Caramac, these drip cakes are all the rage apparently so I thought that I would have a go. What do you think? It tasted amazing if I do say so myself. For all of you who want to make this cake I'm going to share this recipe later on in the week so don't forget to come back, it's so easy to make.  

So that's it from us for this week. I best get my arse moving and finish packing because I will never be ready!!! Until the next time loves!