Bing Baking App

Mimi Rose & Me are really big fans of Bing and I am sure that if you are the owners of pre-schoolers who love CBeebies you would have heard of Bing Bunny. I have been so excited to tell you about a new app called Bing Baking that has been released by Acamar Films and Aardman Animations and its been a huge hit in our household because its based around biscuits...what could be better?

What is Bing Baking?

For the first time your little ones can be a part of Bing's colourful and playful world, where they can join him and Flop in their kitchen to create lots of mess for the best baking experience without any actual clearing up! You and your Bingster will have so much fun rolling, poking, squidging, cutting, cooking and decorating your very own biscuits. After all that hard work you can sit down and enjoy eating them with Bing and Flop. The Bing Baking app is £2.99 and available to download from the app store and will be coming to google play on the 11th August. This app is great value for money and just seeing my daughters face light up knowing that she will see Bing is worth it! If you fancy winning your own Bing Baking app then enter our #BingsterCompetition for a chance to win!!!
How does it work?

After a small introduction for parents it is then time to let the little ones loose on the app which will take your child through the different stages of baking first rolling out their dough with a rolling pin. Amelia had so much fun trying to roll out the dough and enjoyed poking the dough to make holes. 

The next step was to choose your cutters and then figure out where to put them. For the first time when using this app I thought it would be a good idea to just stick to one cutter, it was also a great opportunity to name all the different shapes. 

It was then time for Flop to put the biscuits into the oven to bake and wait with the help of the chicky timer. We were told to tap Flop on his shoulder once the chicky timer had finished. Since having the app we have however burned a couple of batches. 

After Flop got the biscuits out of the oven it was time to get creative and decorate our biscuits. There was so much to choose from coloured sprinkles, chocolate buttons, icing, fruit and even carrot chunks. 

Once we finished decorating our biscuits we could take a few snaps of our creations which were saved to my phones gallery and then they could be "eaten" along with Bing and Flop before making more. What do you think of our creation?

Why do we love Bing Baking?

Bing Baking has been very popular with my two-year old and her cousins and they haven't even watched Bing. All the children thoroughly enjoyed decorating their biscuits with lots of different ingredients, from different coloured icing and sprinkles to even chopped carrots. I think that this is such a great way for your little ones to show their creativity. As well as this the app is so realistic by teaching children how to cook without creating a mess. First they need to roll out their dough and then they will need to figure out where to put the cutters...we have had a few Bing cut outs that had no legs and no ears. 


My daughter gets so excited when we play with the Bing Baking app and we are big fans and really couldn't find any fault. But to make this app even better I think that during the decorating process it would be a great idea to name all the colours, shapes and some foods in order to encourage further language development. But other than that it gets a big thumbs up from Mimi Rose & Me!