The Christmas Post

It's the first of December so it's official, we can all get excited about Christmas! I am one of those types of people that get so excited when shops dust off the baubles and get the decorations up, yes even if it's in September. 

As it's the first of December it also means the beginning of vlogmas and blogmas which I fell in love with last year but as I have started my own blog there are so many new blogs that I have found that will be taking part. Are you taking part in vlogmas or blogmas? If you are, leave a comment and I will come and check your channel or blog out. My husband and I are looking forward to Christmas this year. Our daughter will be a little older and we are kind of hoping that she will actually play with her toys instead of the boxes or try and eat the paper. But this year is very special as it's the first year as a family in our new home and we are actually attempting to cook our first Christmas dinner. Normally we would alternate each year and go to our parents house, however this year, there's none of that! Just the three of us and the dog!

Anyway as I said we are preparing for Christmas. So let's see how we got into the Christmas Spirit. We actually put up our tree and decorations in November!!!! However, as my husband works random shifts we got to do it early in the year and even got the little lady involved. As soon as my husband went in to the loft to get all the decorations out, our daughter was very intrigued. When my husband and I tackles the tree she was busy with tinsel and baubles getting into lots of of mischief. The little lady and I got bored quickly as my husband is very OCD when it comes to his tree, taking over 40 minutes to put the tree together without any form of decoration, lights or tinsel!!! Yes, I am not kidding! So after two and a half hours here's our tree...

Our daughter really enjoyed helping with the decoration and was fascinated with all the tinsel and twinkly lights and even managed to put the star on the tree with Daddy's help of course. We have decided that this type of photo is going to become a kind of tradition for us, you have to admit it's pretty cute. 

However minutes after my husband put her on the floor she was away with a candy cane I couldn't believe it. What a cheeky little toddler!!! So now I have to move all the candy canes up the tree because with her and dog! Little thieves. 

We also got matching stockings this year and I think that they are still available from Matalan, we got them for about £6 each but I would get yours quick as they are great value for money. I love these stockings are so big and soft, most stockings that are made available today are always too narrow and small, these are perfect.


  1. Your tree looks great :) My OH surprised me by putting up our tree in November while I was in work... I did a very good job of pretending I was pleased ;) #picknmix

  2. Our tree looks great every night until the morning when my little tree destroyer gets up, haha Thanks for linking to #PicknMix

  3. I love Christmas! It's just so sparkly and pretty, just like your tree ;) Love that cheeky photo of little Miss with the candy cane :)

    The worst word ever with a toddler is 'again!' ;) My boys were both the same when they were smaller and I always regretted buying the new book ;)

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x