Our Daily Routine

Being a Mummy to a toddler can be hard and stressful at times, but I find having a good routine in place I feel that anything can be possible. Even when we get a time to sit down and catch a breath I will always try and make the most of those times. My daughter has been in her routine for quite some time now and I am sure that it will change as she grows but for now this is our family routine! 

7.00am: I normally wake up and will try to get ready before she wakes. I do like to get dressed, apply make-up and style my hair as it makes me feel more awake and refreshed so I can take on the day. Now I am not saying that we don't have days where we stay in pyjamas because we do and we love them.

7.30am: This is when the little lady normally wakes if I manage to get ready without making too much noise. If not she will just happily chat to herself until I finish getting ready before make her a morning drink.

8.00am: Breakfast time! We will always eat breakfast together as this is perfect time to bond with each other. I love that she loves to share her food with me whether it's toast, peaches or mashed up bananas. 

9.00am: After breakfast I will clean up while my daughter plays with the fridge magnets and then we will go upstairs to get her dressed for the day. Then I will make the beds, do some laundry and then begin the daily cleaning.

10.00am - 12.00pm: This is when I schedule any doctor appointments, classes, play dates or anything else than may need doing. I find that this is when Amelia is most active and has so much energy and I like to keep her entertained for as long as possible to ensure she's goes down for a nap. 

12.00pm: Lunchtime! Most afternoons we will eat at home but we do venture out sometimes. After lunch I will clean up whilst she plays with her toys before putting her down for her nap.

1.00pm - 3.00pm: Nap time! I will put my daughter down for a two hour nap but this all depends on her as it can vary. I will also use this time to take time out for me, drink tea, write blog posts, edit photographs or what I should be doing more of - exercise!

3.30pm: I don't really like my daughter sleeping past 4.00pm as this can interfere with her bedtime routine and we both will be out of sync for next day. Once I get her up I will give her a drink and a very small snack like raisins or grapes and let her watch some television.

4.30pm - 5.00pm: Dinnertime! We will wait for Daddy to get home before tucking into our dinner and we will sit down and eat together I think it's just so important for my daughter to have this during mealtimes.

6.00pm: Bathtime! Normally my husband will run her a bath while I tidy up after dinner, there is nothing more that I hate than a messy kitchen. I will clean her high chair and tidy her toys away ready for the evening with my husband. 

6.30pm: After a while in the bath playing lots of games I will then get getting her dried and dresses in her pjs. We will then have some cuddles and settle down to read a book together. Lady is obsessed with books and will always try and turn the pages.

7.30pm: Bedtime! My daughter will have her night time bottle and go straight to sleep without a peep. If she does struggle I will try and soothe her, sing her a lullaby and/or put her elephant night light until she lulls into her sleep.

8.00pm - 11.00pm: This is Mummy and Daddy time where we like to chill on the sofa watching our favourite programmes on television until my husband falls asleep. Some nights we may even share some chocolate with a cup of tea before going to bed together.


  1. This routine sounds pretty scrumptious. I love how you make use of naptime.

    1. That is usually the only free time I would having during the day. However at the moment all I seem to be doing is napping myself or wrapping Christmas gifts. Thank you for your comments x