Amelia's Christmas Eve Basket 2015

Last Christmas my daughter was only 6 months old, it feels like only yesterday we were all gathered around her eagerly waiting for her to unwrap her gifts. This year she will be 18 months old and my husband and I are so excited. I hope she will understand more than she did last year and be able to open most of her gifts. We were so excited to take her to see Father Christmas this year and it was so lovely to see her face light up and see how magical Christmas is. I love Christmas, it's my favourite time of the year. I loved decorating our house, listening to Christmas songs, eat lots of naughty food and as much as I can manage and even Christmas shopping! I have some great memories as a child and would love for my daughter to have fond memories to look back on when she's a little older.

Many families have their own traditions and now as a family we have to begin our own traditions so I have decided every year I will make up a basket full of goodies for Amelia to have on Christmas Eve to get her feeling Christmassy and we can sit around and watch films all day in our Christmas pyjamas. I have been prepared this year and we have her basket all ready and waiting for her. I cannot wait to see her face of Christmas Eve and from every year hear on out. A new tradition in the Combes household is commencing so here is what is in her Christmas Eve basket. 

Christmas Fleece Pyjamas | Frozen DVD | The Nativity Story | Peppa Pig - Christmas Show | Is it Christmas Book | Disney Frozen Elsa Doll| Candy Canes | Chocolate Coins | Christmas Plate | Hot chocolate sachet | 

Will you and your family be having a Christmas Eve basket?