Our Honeymoon in Cuba

As I have said before 2013 has to be one of the most memorable years I will ever have. In March I got to marry my best friend, in April we honeymooned to a beautiful country and then in October we found were going to have a baby. What a year! I want to take you back to our honeymoon where a newly married Mr and Mrs Combes caught a plane to Holguin in Cuba. I am so glad that my husband and I decided on this destination as we took part in so many adventures that I never thought would be possible.

We honeymooned and stayed at the hotel Playa Pesquero for 17 nights and we decided for the first week we would relax and recuperate and the second week we would take part in some excursions on the island. During the first week...BOOM...I am in the doctors office getting a shot in my bum because someone cannot have too much sun, damn you pale skin. I was advised to stay inside during the day but Tony and I did make our own fun and he taught me how to play pool. Now even though the rum cocktails were amazing I do remember that I won at least one game during our honeymoon. Also in the first week Tony and I made a big mistake in not putting sun cream on our feet, what absolute plonkers! Always, always put sun cream on your feet.

The second week was the week we began the excursions on the island and the first one was called the Green and Blue Jeep Safari where we were driven around in our own 4x4 to discover the real Cuba. We also visited a fishing village and went to a local farm that had the most adorable family who opened up their home and even gave us a shot of their home-made rum. Next we got to drive our own speedboat and this was so much fun as you can imagine Tony had the best time, I wasn't allowed to drive, but I thought that was for the best as I was learning to parallel park back then. Okay I must confess I am an awful driver!

The last activity that we did on this excursion was horse back riding, this was something I was least looking forward to and I hadn't been on a horse since I was about seven. But nonetheless I got my riding hat on listened to instructions from the leader about the 'well behaved' horses, but mine started to go the opposite way to the group. I just knew something like this would happened, my horse scared the living day out of me when he got too close to a sheer drop edge. You can clearly see from this...

The second excursion on our honeymoon was Dining with Dolphins the one we were both looking forward to and a chance of a lifetime. We enjoyed a swim with these beautiful creatures while they showed us some tricks, the truly are a magnificent animal. We even did some tricks with them, pushed across the water by water-skiing on the dolphins nose and the pulled around the pool by the dolphin. Next we watched a dolphin show where they really showed us what they could do followed by the sea-lion show.

As we were a newly wed couple our tour guide stitched us up and poor Tony had to participate in the sea-lion show. I was quite glad to be honest. I love this photo and as Tony was relieved that he could change into clean dry clothes after the swim and then Cecilia the sea-lion literally laid all over him. He smelled like fish but I didn't notice so much during our lobster meal. 

Our final excursion for the honeymoon was Island Paradise on a catamaran. It truly was an fun filled day as we sailed out to the Cayo Saetia, and even went snorkelling. Something that I was excited to try and I was a complete natural...NOT. There I was looking out to the beautiful blue ocean in my snorkelling gear and my flippers and I was urged to get off the boat as others were waiting. I then thought I will use the steps, but because I am so short it...but they were too steep. So I thought just jump - yes ladies and gentlemen I literally belly flopped into the sea with my snorkel going one way, flippers the other and me coughing as I swallowed lots of salty water. Where was my husband??? Oh being a snorkelling natural...typical 

Once we arrived on the island we could go exploring the beautiful and tranquil place. Amid the greenery Cayo Saetia has been stocked with both local and introduced wild animals such as antelopes, deer, ostriches, turtles, water buffalos, zebras and others. Alongside the wild animals, a camel and a few cattle and horses as well as a number of parrots roam freely on the island. After our lovely meal it was time to go, sailing back on the catamaran it was so calm and peaceful as the ship glided through the waters without a sound, a memory I shall cherish. 

Our honeymoon was amazing and I am so glad that I got to share so many new experiences with my new husband. If you ever get the chance to go to this beautiful country, please do. You will not be disappointed.


  1. So nice that you got to enjoy this time before babies too! #throwbackthursday

    1. I definitely think it was important that we did. Thank you so much for stopping by and your lovely comments xxx

  2. it's looking really amazing place


    1. It's a place that I recommend to everyone. Beautiful place & beautiful people. If you ever get the chance - go! Thank you for your comments and for stopping by :) X