A Budget Shopping Haul For The Toddler

If you read my little lady's 14 Month Update you would have seen that my daughter is going through yet another growth spurt. I don't know if it just us, but it seems as soon as we have got all her clothes and shoes organised nicely into her cupboards, she throws things up in the air and grows so more. It's pretty rare that she actually gets to wear her clothes for more than a couple of weeks at the moment. 

But I guess it's a good excuse for a shopping spree, who doesn't love to go shopping? As soon as we got into town, she snoozed giving us a chance to make our way around the shops without dealing with a meltdown because she wants to escape the pushchair. 

I must admit, my husband and I got some great deals on some of the clothes on this trip. To be honest the rate this little lady is growing we need to save the pennies. When we buy her new clothes I do end up going through her cupboards and vacuuming packing some of her old clothes. However, those vacuum packs are coming thick and fast with ten and counting, why do I always want to keep everything? Anyone else like to hoard their little one clothing? I really do need to get organised with those and either sell some, donate or pass onto younger family members. So let's see what we got in our mini shopping haul for the little lady. 

Pyjamas - Primark - £3.50

Jeans - Primark - £4

Bow Jumper -Primark - £6

White tights - Primark - £4

Hair clips - Primark - £1

Shoes - Tesco - £10

Sleep suits - Sainsburys - £9 (great for sizes)

Short sleeves body suits - Sainsburys - £6

Pink body suits - Aldi - £3

Munchkin snack pot - TK Maxx - £3

' I am busy' book - TK Maxx - £3

Peppa pig books - Home Bargains - £4


  1. Looks like you got some nice bits and bobs #brilliantblogposts

  2. I cannot help but buy clothes for our little one there are so many nice clothes!!! :) Thank you for your comments x