Amelia's 14 Month Update

As I started this blog after my daughter's first birthday, something I really regret. I have missed out on writing about the milestones, the lack of sleep and watch my daughter grow. I have decided that I need to begin documenting her progress with some updates on her. Wow, today my beautiful daughter is 14 month old how is this even possible? It honestly feel like only yesterday when I was holding my 6lb 7oz new born baby. But she seems to be changing so much every day, even those chubby cheeks. 


My daughter weighs 20lb and is measuring 31inches, meaning another growth spurt. And sometimes it's really hard to keep up with her and the rate she grows. Especially those long legs of hers. I can actually remember at a growth scan that her legs were measuring older than her body, well at least she wouldn't be following in my family's foot step and being a midget. At 14 month old, she still gets taken for an eight or nine month old. My daughter's hair is FINALLY growing, so I don't always have to flatten the crazy hair style you seem to rock these days. 

Despite being only 14 months old she still wears clothes that are aged 6-9 months and some 9-12 months, and in comparison to other babies in the family she is very small. A little exciting trip to Clarks this week when we had her feet measured and she was a C3, but at other shops she's in between a 2 and a 3. But my husband is not so excited about being able to get into proper shoes, as this mean she will have lots and lots. I mean she has to have a good collection like her mum, doesn't she?


This month, big changes were happening. It's time to ditch the night time bottle. However, half way through the month and we are failing miserably as she still loves a 7oz bottle before bedtime. But this is something that we can work on over the next month or so as the health visitor has said that you really shouldn't be having a bottle at your age. I am not sure what age is the right time though? Real food wise she's having three meals a day with a couple of snack in between. My daughter is pretty obsessed with veggies and can never eat a meal without some broccoli and always asks for more trees. New food is something that we are trying to experiment with over the next few months, because I want her to have a balanced diets that doesn't become the same meals all the time. Our new food for this month has been courgettes and there are so many new recipes that we have discovered with this super food we have been enjoying some courgetti spaghetti, courgette bakes, and these amazing courgette fritters.


Am I allowed to say that I literally have the best one year old? Is that allowed? Like beauty never fails to make me smile, even when I really should have a 'it's not funny' look about. It's always so hard though? This month the little lady has been enjoying theatrics, by falling over to try and get even more attention. The ones that tend to fall for her theatrics are of course the grandparents who immediately get up to give her cuddles, she already has them wrapped around her little finger. However even though most of the time she is this adorable cute baby, the tantrums have well and truly began. Actually, they are coming thick and fast. I would have to say that most of the tantrum stem from your frustration, but it's a learning curve for both of us. 

At the end of the month all three of us hit a big milestone, our first family holiday It was such an exciting time in our live and we were all looking forward to spending some time away together, however those seven days were complete hell. We didn't sleep, she didn't sleep, no one got any sleep. I know that it's got something to do with separation anxiety


I must admit when it comes to sleep, we are pretty lucky as you have been sleeping through the night since she was about six weeks old. No, we don't have a nanny, or anything she actually sleeps through. Some of us will be lucky and get a great little sleeper who sleeps through before they can walk, whilst others get an night owl who is awake for the best part of two years! I'm afraid it does happen. Now if you are one of those parents who have a little night owl, I feel for you, I really do. It was hard graft, that's for sure. I can wholeheartedly say that both my husband and I worked so hard with our daughter and believe that establishing a routine as soon as you can helped her sleep through.
We also were advised by a friend to get little slumber elephant and a white noise app, best 89p I have ever spent. 


Oh my word she absolutely loving raisins at the moment, it's like she cannot get enough of them and it's such a great snack to tie her over until lunch time. My daughter also loves to brush her teeth and I think that this is great and when ever I ask she will try and make her way to the bathroom. And as much as you love to brush your teeth when it's time to take the toothbrush away, you tend to have meltdown so brushing her teeth is something that I have come to dread some nights. Let's hope that this is short lived. 


My daughter took her first steps at 11 months old but over the last few week she seems to have gone back to crawling to get everywhere, especially when she's wearing new shoes. Just imagine bambi on ice, yep that's how my daughter is. Another milestone that we seem to be smashing at the moment is speech and she's beginning to make complete sense, words such as  'hi', 'bye', 'duck', 'dog' and even 'jakey', 

My daughter only has 2 teeth but it seems as if she's been teething for months - I just wish these suckers would come through already. Sometime told me that this month would be a great time to introduce potty training, so this month we got some Peppa Pig underwear. She took to it quite well? Yep, the potty went onto the head. I am unsure if it's too early I have no clue but we will see how we go. If any of you have a potty trained little one I am more than happy for any advice, probably thankful.


  1. Interesting to read as my little one is 13 months so lovely to read this and see what he might be doing in another month. I'm really looking forward to first words so fab to see that Amelia has several words already. #binkylinky

    1. It's a fantastic feeling when your little one begins chatting...I was so excited when she said mum for the first time. Thank you for your lovely comments x

  2. She's so beautiful! Agree with Clare they do grow so quickly. My twin girls are three and starting nursery next month. Make the most of it! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  3. Sounds like your little girl is doing really well time flies by great post thanks for linking to the binkylinky