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What Would You Tell Your Pre-mummy Self?

What would you tell your pre-mummy self? Have you ever wondered what you would tell yourself before having a baby? What NOT to do or actually take advice you should have. I know that I wished I'd taken some advice of "you need to sleep when the baby does". There was always something that I had to do instead. So here are some things that I would tell my pre-mummy self...

The first few months are hard work, actually hell!

These first few months are pretty much hell especially if you love sleep, showering, eating hot food and functioning like a normal human being. But trust me if you can survive these first few weeks with a new-born baby you can pretty much survive anything! When I was pregnant I was told becoming a parent was hard but its impossible to give you an idea of what it is really like. You become solely responsible for this little being and you will see parts of yourself that will be unrecognisable to you. You will be different, your body will be different and your life will be different. But be rest assured as bad as you think it is you will get through it and you will have special moments with your little one along the way that will be unforgettable. My first unforgettable moment with my daughter was when she clutched my hands for the first and look into my eyes - something that I will treasure forever. 

Sleep, sleep and sleep some more...

I really wished I listened to this advice as you will honestly not know how hard it is when your sleeping routine is thrown up in the air with the arrival of your baby. So any pre-mummy's out there please please please forget whatever you think is important and go catch some zzzs and have those eight hours of sleep that you will never get again. 

You need to appreciate how simple your life is right now...

Once you become a parent you will soon realise how simple your life was before. What used to be a 20 minute trip to do the food shop will now be an hour long run to account for the boot load of stuff you will need to take with you. The car seat, the pram, huge overloaded changing bag, emergency feeds, keeping dummies to hand or being prepared for an explosive poop! ALWAYS BE PREPARED. Those days of a doing a simple food shopping are well and truly gone but now I look forward to eating my squished bread, half a bunch of grapes and handling soggy cereal boxes. 

Don't take anyone for granted...

Being a parent is hard work, something that I didn't realised before. Understanding their cries, when to feed them, when to change them and learning to do what is best for both you and your baby. Since having Amelia there is one thing that I can say - I appreciate my mum and dad so much more than. My mum had three children under four by the age of 24! When I was this age the thought of having three children under four scared me - I only just managed to move out!!! Parents are always willing to help you and lend a hand and don't feel bad if you do want to drop the baby off to the grandparents for a few hours while you sleep - they will love it. Let people help if they want to, its okay. 

Catch up on all your TV watching...

After your baby arrives there will be no way you can watch TV without that little person wanting you or making a noise! I have a one year old so I expect not to be able to hear my programme but what makes me laugh is that she is completely silent through Peppa Pig. What is all that about? Cbeebies will become your saviour but will also drive you a little crazy at times, unless you are like me and like to sing along! So make sure that you watch as many programmes as you can before the baby arrives. 

You need to understand that some things will never change...

Now this is not as bad as you may be thinking. Those perfect jeans you are always on the hunt for but can never find or those shoes that are never in stock in your size. Yes that will probably still be the same but what does change is that you will always be able to find the perfect outfit for your baby. You will never go into a shop without a visit to the little people department, whenever I shop for myself I always come away with outfits for Amelia. 

Say goodbye your lovely clean clothes...

Yes pre-mummy's soon you will realise that there is really no point in wearing all those lovely expensive clothes for the first few weeks as the will be covered milk, vomit, baby dribble, boogies, snot, tears and poop! The lot! I know and I am sorry to say but it doesn't really change as they get older. Whenever Amelia and I go out I will wait until the last possible most moment to put on my tops as she loves to chew my hair and dribble all over my tops! :)

But here is the great part...

You will never ever experience a love like a love for your child. Before your baby you thought you knew what it was to be loved or to love another, you cannot begin to comprehend this type of love. The bond between a parent and a child is one of the strongest ever known to nature, the love is unconditional and impossible to break. Once your baby comes along none of this stuff will actually bother you in the long run. You will discover so many new things about yourself as a parent - you will become a stronger person, be overprotective but at the same time become a little vulnerable. But its the most amazing experience becoming a parent and I am so lucky to have my little lady in my life and along with my husband we are having the greatest adventure.
21 comments on "What Would You Tell Your Pre-mummy Self?"
  1. Love this post ... all your points really resinate with me! I think I would also tell my pre-mum self is that it's okay to ask for help (AKA it take a village). It's nice/helpful to have the support of family and friends ... and an extra set of hands (or 3!) certainly doesn't hurt. =)

    1. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have such a supportive family. Thank you for your comments x

  2. Lovely post. I think i'd tell myself that everything will be okay.. that i don't have to be the best cook or have the cleanest house or be 'supermum' It's ok to not be perfect.

  3. Oh yes most definitely, that would be fab advice. Thanks you for your comments x

  4. I'd tell myself — 'You'll surprise yourself.'

    That — even thought I thought I'd be the worrier, the neurotic and stressed mum — I'll actually be calm, unflappable (mostly) and a brilliant mama of twins. Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again next week! x

    Caro |

    1. I was exactly the same. I thought I wouldn't cope and would be a flapper but I also surprised myself and I am so proud of that! You should be super proud with two little ones to think about - go you. Thank you so much for your comments x

  5. Lovely post. I've forgotten how hard those first few months are. I think I look back at them with rose tinted glasses. I'm going to have a shock in Jan when the new baby arrives! #abitofeverything

    1. I hope all goes well with your arrival. Those first few months are hard but if you can survive those you could survive anything. Thank you so much for commenting! x

  6. My favorite TV program of choice was The Hoobs when my two were young. I gave up watching programs aimed at adults and my mind was so scrambled that The Hoobs entertained me as well as the children. Life changes bid time after having children, but I am sure the novelty of having a simple life (BC) would have worn off eventually... And I would love to meet that lady I met years ago, who was pregnant with her first child and telling all and sundry that becoming a Mum wasn't ever going to change her life.


    1. I was he same I thought I don't really want my daughter to Watch certain programmes but now they are my saviour. Thank you so much for your lovely comments X

  7. Aww this is lovely and so so true! There's so much I wish I could go back and tell pre-baby me. I was terrified of how life would change - I was 19, a student and it was very unplanned. I wish I could go back and say it's going to be fine, it's an amazing adventure and you'll still graduate on time, everything is going to be fine. Fab post #KCACOLS

    1. Aw that's lovely. I always find that everyone will always have reservations about things that may change their lives and I am so glad that my daughter changed mine. I am such a different person because of her and it sounds as if you are quite a determined person. Thank you for taking your time in commenting on my blog post. X

  8. I have really loved reading this post. I am about to become a first time mummy really soon, well my due date is tomorrow!. Thanks for all the advice in this post I am sure it's going to come in very helpful xx

    1. Aw congratulations and I am wishing you lots of luck. I would love to do it all over again. When your little one comes along be sure to check out some of my other blog posts about getting your little one to sleep through. :) Thank you so much for your lovely comments x

  9. Aww this is so lovely!! All true!!! And of course the most important part is just the love that you receive from such a tiny little thing which is just amazing!! So all worth it right? That is why I did it twice!! lol Thanks lovely for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! :-) x

  10. Ahh this brings back memories! I would tell myself to accept help when it was offered and that the first two weeks after having the baby is the toughest but that it gets better and is so so worth it!

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS I hope to see
    you back again on Sunday x

  11. Love this post! There is so much I would tell my pre-mummy self! I put far too much pressure on myself and it really impacted the way I parented x

  12. Aww that is a lovely post and very, very true. I make bargains for sleep. My children wear joules clothes while I shop in primark but I wouldn't change it for the world either-except for a little more sleep ;)
    Thanks for linking up to #MaternityMondays I hope we see you again x

  13. Aww this is lovely! I agree with everything you have said! I don't think anyone can be fully prepared for children, everything is new, different and much more complicated! I wish I had of slept before Mia, loved my pre-baby body more, enjoyed 2 minutes peace and quiet more and definitely sat down and watched my own programmes more! :)


  14. I agree with everything you have said, even third time around I had forgotten exactly how sleep deprived you get and it is a shock to the system, I would tell myself to not worry about tidying up and get a few more minutes sleep instead. #maternitymondays

  15. This is such a beautiful post. It actually made me excited for our baby arriving - even though I think it should make me a little scared! Thank you for sharing :) #maternitymondays


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