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Hello everyone,

This post is going to be dedicated to my little girl mainly because I want to tell you how fantastic she is. So this is Amelia-Rose. I'm sure you will see more photos and references in future posts.

Amelia-Rose recently celebrated her first birthday and I cannot tell you how quickly that came by, it's crazy to think that she is no longer a baby but a little girl. When I first had her relatives and friends told me that she wouldn't stay small for long and I remember thinking bloody hell, hang on I have just squeezed a human out of my lady parts at least let me enjoy her being little. But they're right, they really don't stay little for long and it's scary to think that I now own a toddler.
I remember watching her tuck into her birthday cake whilst she toddled about trying to get to the sofa. My gosh my baby has grown and she's becoming a little girl. I'm one of those parents that loves to document everything and put everything on Facebook, sorry for the baby spam Facebook friends. I also have two baby books that I still have to finish I have a home made one and one from Mamas & Papas which is so adorable but I do really need to get my booty into gear and finish them.
So everyone that's about it for now and I'm sure that I will be sharing more adventures with Amelia, don't forget to keep coming back to check her regularly updates.
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