5 Easy Ways to Insulate Your Windows

Winter comes with several opportunities to make memories indoors, but it can also be challenging if you’re not well-prepared. Therefore, ensuring your home is ready for the season is important.

The first thing you want to check on is the window, as they can let cold air into your home and also affect your insulation as you lose precious heat. Learning how to overcome a draughty home can help beat the cold and rack up your energy savings. Following these tips below will help to insulate your home properly for the winter.

Upgrade to Double or Triple-Glazing

Double and triple glazing are effective strategies to better insulate your windows. Similar to secondary glazing, double and triple glazing add more layers of glass to existing windows, greatly enhancing insulation. Two or three glass panes with small spaces between them can trap more air, improving the quality of insulation. However, one downside to these windows is the cost. Apart from that, you may not have permission to replace single-glazed windows with double-glazing if you live in a rented home.

Invest in Thermal Curtains

Another practical way to insulate your windows for winter is to use a set of insulating thermal curtains. These come with a thin piece of foam between the fabric layers, making them effective for combating wayward draughts and chills. Fortunately, investing in thermal curtains won’t break the bank. Shop for affordable ones from home improvement stores, or consider using heaving curtains to achieve a similar effect. Any material that traps the cold is as effective as a sweater.

Use Window Insulation Foam

Expanding foam is a great tool for quick insulation around windows. Using a foam shooter gun, first, add a little drip in the corner of your windowsill to determine the rate at which it will expand when applied. You can then add a small beam of foam to make an airtight seal around the window frame. Homeowners who don't want to use foam spray can choose foam rubber sealing strips that can stick firmly around their windows. Finally, feel free to consult qualified and accredited insulation installers like All Seasons Energy for tailored advice on how to insulate your windows for winter.

Add Rope Caulk

Consider using a non-hardening material such as rope caulk to seal all draughty areas around your windows. One good thing about rope caulk has to do with the ease of installation. Plus, you can reuse the material for several seasons. Use as many strands of caulk as you require and mould them around the draughty window areas, securing the seal. You can make hard caulk more flexible by dipping it in lukewarm water for a few seconds.

Apply Draught Snakes

Draught snakes are not only ideal for your doors; you can also use them to insulate your windows properly. Consider buying these insulation products online or making them by yourself. It helps to measure the length of your windows to determine the quantity of fabric you need for the insulation. Sew the draught-excluding fabric into a tube-like structure, fill it with dry ice, and you are good to go.