Gift Guide for Girls

The festive season can be so overwhelming at times and your Christmas to do list can seem like it's never ending! However, curating my gift guide for girls is one of my favourite things to do. This gift guide for little girls was SO much fun to put together.  There are so many adorable toys, stationary, books and accessories out right now for little girls. It was hard to narrow it down. 

Whether you're shopping for a teen, tween or younger, we've got you covered with our gift guide for girls. With that mind, this gift guide should help you pick the perfect Christmas gift for the young girl in your life, whether it's your daughter, niece or your best-friend's child. 

The Barbie Dream House // £349

One of the most iconic Barbie toys is the Barbie Dream House and year after year, it continues to be a bestseller.  The toy is suitable for kids ages three and older.  The three story home has a lift that makes all floors accessible and comes with an amazing assortment of accessories for Barbie and her friends. Standing 43 inches tall and 41 inches wide, this dreamy dollhouse inspires 360-degree play with three floors and 10 indoor and outdoor living area. 

Beach Barbie Doll // £14

With the release of Barbie The Movie, you could say that we've all gone a little crazy for the pink loving, blonde haired doll. Between fashion shows, planning parties, and her many jobs, Barbie often finds herself squeezed for time to spend with her friends and family. This classic Beach Barbie comes equipped with stylish beach accessories including an elegant oversized hat, a stripy pink and white swimsuit as well as cat-eye sunglasses and a tote bag.

BFF by Cry Babies Fashion Dolls // £20

Keeping with the doll theme, say hello to the BFF by Cry Babies dolls. The Cry Babies Magic Tears characters have grown up and are now teens studying at Winged Heart Campus. They're 13 years old and have many adventures around campus using their magical necklaces. These BBFs only wear the most colourful outfits along with seven accessories. These include two pieces of clothing, a bag, a headband or hat, a pair of matching shoes with a pair of socks and their magic necklace. The BFFs also have beautiful 15cm long silky hair, sparkly crystal eyes and articulated bodies.

The BFFS collection has six adorable dolls that each have their own unique style and accessories. You can choose from Coney, Stella, Jenna, Elodie, Daphne, and Shannon - each are dressed according to their own passion and talent. These BFFS also offer children a unique activity. Just turn the cubes on the packaging to change the pose of your BFF doll, lift your doll out of the tube and open the pack to discover your BFF's amazing wardrobe with lots of storage for all of her accessories. 

Spirograph // £10

An oldie but a goodie, Spirograph's sets have been popular with children of all ages since their launch in the 60s. Perfect for crafters aged eight and above, this one includes six wheels, 10 sheets of design paper, pens and a design guide book. Winning. 

Traitors Card Game // £12

Our family really enjoyed watching BBC’s The Traitors earlier this year, we were completely gripped and looked forward to figuring out are the Faithfuls and who are the Traitors every week. Now, it time to experience the Traitors Official Card Game for ourselves. Who doesn’t love a board game after their Christmas dinner? Just like on TV, the Traitors and Faithfuls will go head-to-head. 

Players are randomly assigned the roles of The Faithful or The Traitor at the beginning of each game. The Faithful’s must collaboratively find out The Traitors' identity and vote them out whilst The Traitor must cleverly deceive them to win the game. Get the traitors before they get you!

The Happy Puzzle Company. Lost 4 Words // £20

How about something to bring out your competitive side? Lost 4 Words is a quick-fire word game that is suitable for ages 10 and up where you where you put your knowledge to the test against the clock. With a huge 500 challenges included, be the first player or team to correctly identify the connecting word on 15 different cards and reach the finish line on the scoreboard. It’s a brilliant family game!

The Legend of Childer’s Forest by Gillian Young // £11

My daughter really loves reading and has become quite the avid reader of late, so of course we needed to add some fun and exciting books into our gift guide this year. The Legend of Childer’s Forest by Gillian Young is a very captivating story about Poppy the golden retriever. This is the third instalment to the Crazy Cream Adventure Series and in this book Poppy the golden retriever returns with her younger sister, Devon to enchant young readers again.

However, this adventure focuses on a family of rabbits who are driven from their home, Poppy and Devon make it their mission to help. Their quest takes them to Childer’s Forest, the site of ancient and mysterious events. When the safety of their human brother, Jack, is also threatened, Poppy and Devon call on the famous Legend of Childer’s Forest for help. Published in October this year, the book is aimed at kids around the ages of eight to twelve and costs £10.99 for the paperback copy. You can purchase a copy of this book or the earlier books from Amazon here.

Simbrix So Sweet // £20

Simbrix is the new craft kid on the block. They work a but like very small jigsaw pieces having two tabs and two indents on each piece that you use to connect them together and that’s what makes them so much easier to use. My daughter loved Aqua Beads and Hama Beads so I know that she will love Simbrix but without the fuss. These Simbrix are much stronger and more robust meaning that they won't fall apart easy, meaning less mess. 

The Simbrix So Sweet have some of the most adorable sweet-inspired designs. With over 2,500 Brix, this mega set of 12 mini builds can be combined to create a multi-coloured super-sweet display. Enjoy delightful doughnuts, lovely lollies and cute cupcakes.

Disney Reversible Stitch and Angel Plush // £11

Take your two favourite characters along for the ride with the Reversible Stitch and Angel Plush from Disney. Straight from the big screen, Experiment 624 and Experiment 626 come together in one fun Lilo & Stitch toy. Sitting at 10cm tall, Stitch and Angel can be flipped inside out to switch between characters and are sure to delight kids and fans of the popular movie franchise everywhere. 

We just couldn't resist this adorable Stitch and Angel bag that will become one of my daughter's favourite gifts. The crossbody bag is lightweight and very durable and sturdy! It's small enough that it doesn't feel like a backpack, but big enough to carry quite a bit. A small zippered pocket for phones, purse or outdoor/travel sundries. It is the perfect  bag for little hands.

 LEGO Harry Potter House Banner, Hufflepuff // £30

My daughter is definitely a little Hufflepuff at heart, so this LEGO Harry Potter House Banner Set is going to go down a storm. The brick-built LEGO Hogwarts house banner opens to reveal a detailed recreation of the plant-filled Hufflepuff common room with Hufflepuff’s Cup, a pumpkin, a buildable chest and a table topped with assorted food elements. A slide-in backboard creates magical 3D effects such as a Mandrake popping up and down behind the curtain and a Niffler stealing coins from behind a barrel. It also includes Cedric Diggory, Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott LEGO Harry Potter minifigures with accessories

LEGO - DOTS Harry Potter Hogwarts Accessory Pack // £13

Do you want a fun kit for Harry Potter fans and kids aged 8 and up? Then, this LEGO DOTS Hogwarts Accessories Pack Pack will allow them show off their creative side! The set features 4 different DOTS canvases, including a double-row bracelet, stitch-on patch, rectangular bag tag, Harry Potter lightning bolt scar bag tag, key chain and a key. The included tiles come in different shapes and colours and feature charms, charm holders and 10 random decorated tiles. Kids can create endless designs to show off their love for Harry Potter or their favourite Hogwarts House and really express themselves. What house will it be? Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?

Sylvanian Families Darling Ducklings Baby Carriage // £30

Sylvanian Families were always something that I asked for on birthdays and were always first on my letters to Father Christmas. These little woodland creatures would keep both my sister and I occupied for hours allowing our imaginations to run wild. This adorable set of Duck triplets with a baby carriage is going to be a gift that my daughter is going to love. The set includes the Duck triplets in pastel-colour baby bonnets, plus a baby carriage for them to ride around in. All three triplets can fit into the baby carriage. 

Magic Mixies Mixlings Magical Rainbow Deluxe Pack // £25

It's time to unleash a new breed of Magic Mixies with this Magic Mixies Mixlings Magical Rainbow Deluxe Pack. Cast spells, and be your enchanted with five of the most colourful Mixlings to be found in The Crystal Woods. Plus, there is a mystery Mixling inside their cauldron waiting to be revealed. Children will love to mix their potion and watch it fizz and bubble to discover a new Mixling.

Smiggle Scented Markers Shell Pack // £14

Get creative and have lots of fun with friends with the Smiggle Scented Markers Shell Pack. These would be great for those who love to colour and draw or be useful to use when bullet journaling. Comes with 12 sweet scented coloured markers that can be packed away inside the fabulous pencil case!

Harry Potter Magical Minis Triwizard Champions Set // £20

You can recreate your favourite Harry Potter scenes and play your own spellbinding adventures with the Wizarding World Magical Minis Triwizard Champions Set. This set of Magical Minis Harry Potter figures is a must-have for fans. It features the Goblet of Fire accessory and all four Champions in one box: Harry Potter, plus exclusive Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour and Viktor Krum dolls you won’t find anywhere else! There are more Magical Minis available, each sold separately, so you can start to add classrooms and other characters into Hogwarts to let you imagination really fly. 

We have curated a shopping guide of the best gifts for children with this gift guide for girls, with options for all ages, including children, and maybe some tweens. With some many magical gift ideas, you'll be sure to find something suitable for everyone. Whether they're a book fanatic, love Harry Potter, like building Lego or dabble in a bit of journaling - we have you covered. 

**Some of the items featured in this blog post have been gifted to me, but as always, my words are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using **.