Puffin Rush: An Arctic Animal Adventure Game

We have all been there! Looking forward to a fun filled weekend, only for it to arrive with the rain. While a rainstorm can foil your plan, that doesn't mean that it needs to completely ruin your hopes in having some family fun. 

There is nothing quite like staying in on a cold and wet day, getting cosy in your pyjamas for a board game marathon. Board games are not only a great way to bring out the competitive side in family and friends, but also makes an excellent ice-breaker. If you're looking for the perfect family game on your next rainy day, then we may have just the game for you.

Puffin Rush is a fun game of chance and tactics for all ages. The aim is to races across the snow-covered Arctic to be the first to find a fish, and get it home to your burrow. During the game you get to interact with other animals and some may help and some may hinder your journey. 

Designed by Mason Cooper-Muir along with the help of his two dads Ben & Lee, this fast and fun family game is the latest creation of Foul Play Games. Pretty cool for a nine year old, right? Puffin Rush also include brilliantly bright illustrations from Jacqui Davis and graphic design by Ian Robinson that are sure to appeal to everyone who plays and picks out the different animals. 

How to Play Puffin Rush?  

Puffin Rush has a board style set up where players take it in turns and work their way around the board. The game is so simple and easy to set up. Before you begin playing you will need to pop the cards out of their boards and give them a quick shuffle.

Then, lay down the 36 cards face down to create your 6×6 playing area. You can move your Puffin character across the cards flipping them as you go to find a fish, and head back to their burrow. It’s not as easy as it sounds, as there are various obstacles along the way, and players have to find a fish and their burrow first. The card you want to avoid most is the blizzard card as it will mean you have to turn all the cards back to their starting position! The reindeer can move cards around, and some of the animal cards help, and some hinder!

Puffin Rush has been created for 1-4 players and works well for all ages. It really is a great of memory, competitiveness and a whole lot of fun. When we played for the first time, it took us about 15 minutes as we played with my nephew who is just getting into board games, but we all soon got the hang of it and could get it down to 5 minutes. It’s very addictive and definitely one for families that like a little competition.

Our Thoughts on Puffin Rush

Would we recommend Puffin Rush? Oh yes, especially for those who love to unleash their competitive streak and love the rush and excitement in getting to the end. As this game is aimed at ages 5 years and up it would be a great game to play with little one who are just figuring out how to play board games. This game would be one game to play at Christmas with the family. Puffin Rush retails at £9.95 and is available to purchase from the Foul Play Games website. It's definitely a game that would make the perfect gift for Christmas! 

**We have been kindly gifted our Puffin Rush Game from Foul Games but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**