Polly Pocket Spin 'n Surprise Waterpark Playset

Christmas is a magical time for all the family. Whatever your age, it's an opportunity to catch up with loved ones, reflect on the year and, of course, exchange presents. There is nothing quite exciting as walking down the toy aisles with shelves filled with an assortment of vibrant colours ready and waiting for their new homes.

However, this year, those shelves seemed to be adorned with many toys that take me right back to my own childhood. The '90s was a decade of nostalgia, and it’s no surprise that many toys from that era are making a comeback for a new generation. These will be some of the most sought out toys this year that will include Furby, Barbie, Care Bears and a whole miniature world of Polly Pockets. It is so exciting to see so many toys from my childhood back on the shelves for my own daughter to play with.

My daughter has always had an obsession with anything in miniature. There seems to be an undeniable appeal to anything that has been sized down to a faction of its normal size that she will gravitates towards. So, brand new Polly Pockets are the perfect gift idea for her. It is so adorable to watch her get so excited with high pitched squeals as she unboxes tiny characters, mini milkshakes glasses and juice boxes - that will undoubtedly end up being chewed by the sausages or sucked up the vacuum.

So, the obsession has begun. Polly Pockets have fast become one of her favourite toys to ask for with such an extensive range - it will be hard to choose. When we got the opportunity to get her a brand new type of Polly Pocket, we knew we had to say yes!

The Polly Pocket Spin 'n Surprise Waterpark Playset is shaped like a tropical smoothie drink and features three floors full of fun activities. This Polly Pocket playset features 25 themed surprises, posable Polly and Shani dolls and sea animal toys - it's the perfect gift for the ultimate Polly Pocket fan.

With the Polly Pocket Spin 'n Surprise Waterpark Playset you can splash around on the diving board, at the pineapple pool. All you need to do is add water to the set, push the pineapple and water splashes into the pool - it is so cool to watch. You could take your mini Polly and Shani on the strawberry merry-go-round, then make smoothies together before getting to the orange pool for some bubble fun. Like with the pineapple pool, you add wate and push the orange to form bubbles. It is the best pool party.

This Polly Pocket Spin 'n Surprise Waterpark Playset comes a mini Polly and Shani doll that have five moveable joint for play action. You will also find 25 themed surprises that include a dolphin, octopus and seahorse as well as a tiki bar, smoothie holder, a flamingo and doughnut inflatables and a parasol. Some accessories have a POP & SWAP peg feature that can be placed in different areas of the playset for even more versatility.

With the accessories you can take the adorable Polly and Shani on the best water adventure inside or outside of the playset and then easily pack them up to go! A long strap is included so you can carry it like a purse, too!

The Polly Pocket Spin 'n Surprise Waterpark Playset is an adorable set that has lots of attention to detail with the POP & SWAP accessories and the mini Polly and Shani dolls included. We particularly loved the idea that you can use real water for the pineapple pool and make bubbles in the orange pool - my daughter really enjoyed this feature. Allow their imagination to unravel with Polly Pocket and listen in with their conversations about their favourites topics.

This would be an ideal birthday or Christmas present for girls and boys aged 5 years and over who love miniature toys and role playing games. This playset is available on Amazon, Smyths Toys and Argos - it's never too early to smash through that Christmas list!

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**We have been kindly gifted our Pocket Spin 'n Surprise Waterpark Playset but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**