3 Small Changes That Can Alter Your Appearance For The Better

It’s often said that celebrities often aren’t the most attractive people in the world, they just have enough money to spend on treatments to look good. In some cases this is true of course, but you don’t have to be a phenomenal supermodel with a perfectly symmetrical face and no hair in the wrong position to look great.

Beauty, at its core, should always be about expressing yourself how you like and feeling great because of that. Thinking you need to meet an artificial test or gain a stamp of approval will only lead you to think in smaller and smaller terms about the rules you should follow.

Most of the time, looking great is simply a matter of caring for the small things - like keeping up on your hygiene, wearing clothes that fit you, and being proud of who you are, even your perceived flaws. If you’re looking to make a positive change, start small. Let’s consider what those measures might even look like:

Dental Care

You won’t need the perfect set of teeth to smile naturally and to feel confident about it. That said, it can help to have minor corrective, restorative or cleaning work done from time to time, especially as we get older and the condition of our teeth may need a little more attention. For example, renewed flossing, even simple whitening strips or dental crowns if they’re needed can help improve anyone’s aesthetic and help them look so much more confident. Moreover, it’s nice to know your teeth have been cared for and there are no health issues that could be experienced.


This is definitely the simplest measure to enact, but it can be hard to remember to keep up with. Thankfully, there are little things you can do to fix your posture throughout the day, and usually, the changes stick. Keeping your chest up and your shoulders a little back, using chairs with lumbar support that helps you avoid slouching, and just walking naturally with your chin in a neutral, up position can work wonders. This not only helps your outfit hug your frame more fittingly, but it gives you a sense of confidence as our stature often helps influence our mood, too.

Being You

It’s easy to think you need to fit a given standard to look good. But don’t change who you are for someone elses’ benefit. Rocking what you have and who you are will always be more appealing than being ashamed of it. Perhaps you wear large glasses - that can look fantastic if they fit your face shape and you’re not afraid of them. Perhaps you have shorter hair now you’re getting older, but that can look fantastic if it’s properly trimmed. Simple light makeup is just as good as your more creative applications, while no makeup at all can look wonderful in its own right, too, letting your skin breathe and showing your natural beauty. This is an attitude adjustment, but it shows that you’re not afraid to be yourself, and that is the best shift you could ever make.

With this advice, you’re sure to enact three small changes that alter your appearance for the better.