Go Green with The Adorable B-Kind Dolls

We need to raise the younger generation with a concern for the environment and sustainable habits. Parents can make their children more aware of environmental issues by getting their young ones involved as early as possible.

By establishing good habits when a child is young, such as recycling and considering food waste, it will make it easier for them to stick with those habits as they grow. There are many fun and engaging ways to teach your children about sustainability and the environment. You could start by growing a garden in your backyard, collecting rainwater, recycling items, and buying eco-friendly toys.

Despite her young age, our daughter has always been passionate about integrating eco-friendly practices into our household. As a result, we are more aware of food waste, and we use less plastic and choose cruelty-free products. When the opportunity to play with a doll made from eco-friendly materials presented itself, I knew she would be delighted.

B-Kind is an eco-friendly doll line that promotes kindness and inspires children to be kind and caring. Through creative play, the B-Kind friends teach children the importance of being kind to the environment, to animals, and to each other. For my daughter, these dolls are a great toy as she can play but also learn so much about crafting, friendship, and the world around her.

The Dolls

The B-Kind collection has five adorable dolls that each have their own unique style and accessories. You can choose from BriannaKoral, Ivy, Nora and Daisy - each have their own passion and offer children a unique DIY crafting activity. Every B-Kind doll is made from recycled materials and comes with their own reusable packaging made from soybeans.

The B-Kind dolls come with their very own DIY activities that teach children a valuable lesson about the world. Brianna helps children learn all about recycling, while Koral teaches children about keeping the oceans clean. Ivy is passionate about ending bullying, Nora feels it’s important to be brave and try new things, and children will learn how to help endangered animals along with Daisy.

Meet Ivy

My daughter was kindly sent the B-Kind Ivy doll who believes that being cruel isn't cool. As Ivy lives by her motto 'Spread Love', this seems like a great message for my daughter to think about, since she has been struggling at school.

The B-Kind Ivy doll comes with an eco-friendly outfit, accessories, a pillow pet friend, and DIY activities including a selection of charms, beads, and cords to make some BFF bracelets as well as a DIY purse, stencils and fabric. Additionally, there is a sticker sheet, a tips booklet, a message card, and a pink hair brush.

The DIY Activities

It wasn't long before my daughter was ready to start making the DIY activities that were included in the box. With the beads and charms provided, she thoroughly enjoyed making the BFF bracelets for herself and her doll. Additionally, you could also make your own DIY doll purse which was really simple and easy to make. Using the stencil included in the box, trace the shape of the purse onto the fabric and your doll has a different purse to take anywhere.

The Kindness Board

The packaging allows you to create your own Kindness Board, so you can display your kindness goals and share them with others. It can hold drawings, photos, notes, and so much more. Just cut along the dotted lines and fold over the sides to make a stand. There are also three icons to make, including a 'Don't Be a Bully' message, a mobile phone, and a heart, which comes with a stand so that you can display them. On your Kindness Board, you'll see some instructions for making your own envelope, so that you can put all your icons inside it once you're finished, or hold whatever you wish. Furthermore, children can use the Kindness Board as a background play scene for their doll.

B-Kind will also be launching some other eco-friendly products. There will be three 6" dolls, Rose Avery, Turquoise Ann and Joy Marie. Along with these dolls, B-Kind are also launching five adorable new plush Earth Surprise Pets range that will include a whole selection of new friends to play. You can choose from a Turtle, Rabbit, Hedgehog or a Kitten or Fox. 

You can choose from a variety of eco-friendly toys to help make your home and your children's toybox a little greener. As well as helping reduce your household's plastic consumption, eco-friendly toys promote the benefits of sustainable products, so they're a wise investment. B-Kind are a wonderful idea for a gift for children because not only are they eco-friendly they teach children the importance of being kind to the environment, to animals, and to each other.

The B-Kind range is available from Smyths Toys, and AmazonYou can choose from BriannaKoralIvyNora and Daisy - each have their own passion and offer children a unique DIY crafting activity. Each one retails at £29.99. 

**We have been kindly gifted our B-Kind Doll featured but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**


  1. I think for the younger generation this will just be natural to them, as they grow up with us recycling, using less plastic etc. Having toys also helps in their learning in a fun non pushy way

  2. This is a lovely way to teach kids a bessage but in a fun way. I do live to see how the you get generation just do these things like recycling more easily as they've been bought up with it more