Magical Lapland Letters

Is there anything more wonderful than Christmas? It's one of the most magical moments of the year for children that's full of excitement, joy and filled with sparkle. And of course, Father Christmas will be visiting!

There's obviously a lot of emphasis on the presents. However, my most precious memories with my daughter are those we share together. Whether it's baking cookies, decorating a tree, making cards, or watching holiday movies, we love the magic about Christmas.

Families often have traditions they follow to get into the Christmas spirit, and our family is no different. As a family, we have created a few wonderful traditions over the years, including a book advent, a trip to Baytree Winter Wonderland, handmade cards, crafts and writing a letter to Father Christmas. I thought that it would be lovely to continue to make new traditions with my daughter. What could be better than a personalised letter from Father Christmas to my daughter?

Lapland Letters offer some of the most wonderful personalised letters that are signed by none other than Father Christmas (or Santa, whichever you prefer). Every letter is completely unique and tailored specifically to the child, bringing all the magic and joy of Christmas into your home, wherever you might be.

You can choose from 10 different letter themes dependant on your child's belief, age and personal preference. The letters are updated with new and enchanting Christmas stories every year, as well as a personal invitation for the recipient to join the Lapland Elf Club. For my daughter, I chose the Baking Magic with Mrs Claus Lapland Letter. I know she will enjoy reading it about baking and to make the arrival more authentic we've also included some extras too.

How To Order Your Letter

It couldn't be simpler to include a personal touch. First, you choose the letter you wish to receive from the 10 different themes. You can view each letter here and decide which one is best for your own child this year. For each letter, you can add the child's name, age, town, best friend's name, and what they would like for Christmas. You can also write a personalised sentence at the bottom. The letters are carefully personalised to your child, signed by either Santa Claus or Father Christmas. There is also a little secret Santa Map on the back of the letter.  Finally, you can choose to add on some lovely extras such as a personalised chocolate bar, gift box or activity pack. 

Delivery of the Lapland Letter

The letter is then posted and delivered directly to your child in a ‘elf-clusive’ Lapland envelope that includes a Lapland postal stamp to reflect the true Christmas experience. They deliver worldwide, so be sure to check their delivery times and cut-off dates. However, they are dependent on Royal Mail and the sorting office, which can be very busy at this time of year. All UK orders are eligible for free standard delivery. It didn't take very long for us to get our letters. It was magical watching my daughter's eyes light up when she opened her very own letter from Father Christmas.

In addition to the personalised Baking with Mrs Claus Lapland Letter and Santa Map (£5.95), we received Santa's Magical Wishing Stars (£1.95), Reindeer Food with Moonsparkles (£3.95), and Mrs Claus Cookie Mix (£3.95), for the true authentic experience. I knew right away that this Magic Santa Letter was special when I saw the festive hues on the envelope and the special stamp all the way from the North Pole.

With the early bird offer, you can also order a Santa BUMPER activity pack for only £2.95 as well as the beautifully illustrated letter. There are also several magical extras you can add, some of these can include Wishing Stars, Reindeer Food, 'good child' Chocolate Bar, Magical Key and more.

This really adds to the magic! The BUMPER Activity Pack includes many fun activities and games as well as the Elf-exclusive Colour Me in Door Hanger. A colour me in Christmas Card which includes a Design Your Christmas Jumper inside, a Santa Stop Here Poster as well as a Thank You Santa Postcard with special note. 

There is also a Personalised Good Child List Certificate that features the child's name in script along with a tick box for naughty, good, and very good! It is authentically stamped for extra credibility. You will receive an official Elf Club Invitation that gives you an official elf name based on your initial and the month of your birth. 

Lastly, there is a cute Christmas Countdown and Santa Treat Board with the colouring countdown on one side and a gives you the opportunity to leave a cookie and nibbles for Santa and his reindeer. Santa's Wishing Star are Ideal for hanging on the Christmas Tree for Santa to pick up when he visits. These wishing star decorations allow your child to make a wish for the year ahead.

These Lapland Letters are wonderful for little ones, not only are the letters of high quality, a little personalisation to make it even more special. The extras included in the letter just add a magical touch, and they're reasonably priced too, so it's hard to go wrong.

**We have been kindly gifted our Lapland Letters and Extras that have been featured but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**