How To Visit Stonehenge for FREE

Stonehenge is one of the best known monuments in the world. The nature of this phenomenon continues to fascinate many and still remains shrouded in mystery.

Stonehenge was built on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, between 3000 and 1500 B.C., spanning the Neolithic period to the Bronze Age. Although we may never know exactly why Stonehenge was built, its significance has sparked widespread speculation for centuries.

This ancient structure is remarkable not only due to its eerie symmetry, but also due to the mystery surrounding it. So of course you should take a trip to see Stonehenge. It will certainly be an extraordinary experience that you will never forget.

While Stonehenge can be visited year round, warmer temperatures make it more comfortable to experience it completely outside. In the summer months, however, expect to see higher traffic in the area and a peak in tourist volume.

Stonehenge is expensive, though! The entrance fee to Stonehenge in 2021 is £19.50 (£21.50 with Gift Aid), and you will also have to pay for parking at the visitor centre. However, there is a way to visit Stonehenge completely FREE! So if you’re looking to visit Stonehenge for free, keep reading this post.

Before we start revealing the not so secret, secret, this isn't illegal in any way. As a matter of fact, you are essentially walking on a public footpath about a metre away from the general public who paid to see the stones. You get the same view without paying a penny!

How To Visit Stonehenge for FREE!

Can you walk to Stonehenge for free? Absolutely! Walking is a great alternative (and better) way to see Stonehenge, and you won’t have to pay a single penny. Enter Fargo Road (Lark Hill), Amesbury, Salisbury, UK in your Satnav. In addition to Stonehenge, Fargo Road also connects both Woodhenge and Stonehenge, which you should visit as well.

You can park on Willoughby Road in Lark Hill and follow the path beyond the Stonehenge Heritage Site Sign. There are a few parking spaces on the side of the road, just follow the gravel path all the way down and you will see Stonehenge in the distance. Nevertheless, if you want to drive down the pathway, you can.

When you reach the public footpath through the field, you will be just a few metres from Stonehenge. If you are taking your dog along with you, however, you must take the gravel path to reach the main gate as dogs are not permitted on the field.

As you get to the end of the gravel pathway, you will see tourists stepping off shuttle buses and walking through the main gate. Obviously, if you don't have a ticket you can't access the main entrance, but you can walk on the public path which sits right next to the ticketed entrance and pathway.

You won't be stopped because it is public land, so don't worry. You will be separated from those who have tickets by a small wire fence, but you can still see the stones for FREE! Despite feeling like we were doing something that shouldn't be done, we were able to take some good photographs of the stones without causing a disruption to other visitors. Those with tickets kindly stood back so we could take photos.

Stonehenge is one of the best known monuments in the world. It was quite the sight to see shrouded by so much mystery. But the best bit? It didn't cost us a penny!

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