Playtime with BeamiesWorld

There is a whole new world out there called BeamiesWorld full of adorable, fluffy creatures called Beamies. They are cutest and most unique characters your little one could ever meet. So what is BEAMIESWORLD?

BeamiesWorld is a cool new planet that has just been discovered that are full of colourful little squishy animals that have the sweetest personalities. These cute little characters are called Beamies and they have their own glow in the dark features, so you can easily recognise them when the lights go out. So you can squish them and cuddle up to them day and night! The Beamies love sweet cuddles more than anything and are always ready to go on adventures.

The Beamies

These new Beamies offer a new way to discover the mystic and magic in squishy characters from the wonderful BeamiesWorld. These cute characters certainly are a hit with our little girl - it's no wonder she gets so enchanted with them.

We really loved the design and colour of The Beamies with a great attention to the detailing with their eyes and special characteristics. There are 10 Beamies characters to collect including Alice the Kitty Princess, Alonso the Super Dog, Kenny the Adventure Dinosaur, Buzz the Bumble Bee, Sophia the Unicorn, Splash the Mermaid, Olivia the Playful Squirrel, Rosie the Ballerina Rabbit, Santiago the Zebra and Poppy the Fashionista Panda.

They Glow in the Dark

As each Beamie has their own glow-in-the-dark feature, it is easy to spot them even in the dark. We were so eager to discover which features of The Beamies glowed brightly, so we turned off the lights and headed into the cupboard to find out.

As you can see they glowed brightly in the dark. It is worth noting that in order for the glow in the dark feature to work, The Beamies will need to be exposed to light beforehand. 

Welcoming BeamiesWorld in Our Playtime

We were kindly sent over two very special characters from BeamiesWorld for a different kind of playtime. Welcome Poppy the fashionista Panda and Splash the rainbow-haired Mermaid.

Poppy the Panda loved fashion and playing dress up with all her friends. Fashion designer Robert usually lets her have a sneak peek his new collection at his atelier before he releases it. Since she knows he gets nervous before making his debut, she finds this opportunity to be extremely important. Splash is rainbow-haired mermaid lives in an underwater city at BeamiesWorld. She loves to swim and play in the water. Splash is an expert at making bubbles as well as bursting them.

We loved BeamiesWorld so much that we wanted to find some more at The Entertainer and welcomed two more fun, colourful and squishy little friends into our home. Alice the Kitty is the princess of BeamiesWorld. It's not unusual for her to dance and sing all around her palace. What she loves most about music is interpreting songs written by her dear friend Pablo.

Rosie the Ballerina Rabbit is my daughters favourite character and is always her first choice when she wants have playtime or snuggle up at bedtime. Rosie the Rabbit is a ballerina. She loves to dance and laugh. While she knows all the moves and loves doing pirouettes, she starts to get dizzy after a while and giggle so hard that she usually falls over. So as you can see my daughter was so happy and excited that she four new squishy friends to play with straight from BeamiesWorld.

We love BeamiesWorld by Happy Line! There are so many fun and exciting characters to collect, you will definately want to collect them all. You can head over to their website to find out which characters you want to get your hands on. There are also some fun colouring pages to download of your favourite character and you can sing along with the very catchy BeamiesWorld Song. 

These BeamiesWorld characters are only £7 which is a great price for a cuddly new friend. These are available from The Entertainer and you can buy one and get one half price at the moment. There are 10 Beamies characters to collect in this series with a new wave of additional characters released every four months.

**We have been kindly gifted our Beamies from BeamiesWorld but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**