Playtime Adventures with Love, Diana

My daughter loves watching toy unboxing videos, reviews or following along with other families on YouTube. So if you have a young child, chances are they love watching them too. There are quite a few channels that my daughter loves to watch but her favourite at the moment is the Kids Diana Show that follows the playtime adventures of the adorable Diana and her family.

For those of you who have not heard of Diana and her hugely popular YouTube channel, Kids Diana Show. Diana is the six year old star that loves reviewing toys, dancing, singing, and having lots of role playing adventures with her brother.

As her channel grows in views and subscribers, she is fast becoming one of the most watched YouTuber influencers on a global scale. Pretty impressive for a six year old! And now she has inspired a whole new collection of role play toys. The Love, Diana line captures her love of play, creativity, friendship, and empowerment for kids ages 3 and up. It includes dolls, blind bags, adventure sets, bubble wands, role play dresses and so much more.

As my daughter loves following Diana and her family in their fun and exciting adventures, we decided to go on a little princess adventure of our own. After a walk in the park, enjoying a cream tea washed down with a good cup of tea we found ourselves at my daughter's favourite toy shop. And of course, we headed straight down the pretty pink aisles and spotted all the wonderful Love, Diana toys.

Wow! What a huge selection of toys. In the sea of pink, pink and more pink my daughter was completely transfixed on all the wonderful toys on the shelves. There was so much to choose from but after a good twenty minutes in the store we can away with the Love, Diana Adventure Set, Light-Up Bubble Wand and Mini Mystery Trunks.

Love, Diana Adventure Set

As soon as we went down those pretty pink aisles, my daughter was in complete awe of all the wonderful Love, Diana toys on the shelves. It comes to no surprise that the Love, Diana Adventure Set was the first toy that she picked up. It has everything a little one needs for fun and exciting princess filled adventure. This pretty pink role play set comes with a talking mobile phone, a nail polish with a surprise charm, a 2-in-1 hairbrush that changes into a wand and a map of the Land of Play.

My daughter couldn't wait to unbox the set, because it looks just like the one Diana wears in the shows and comes with lots of goodies. The pink adventure backpack is beautifully embellished with a floating glitter in a heart shaped pocket. It is durable with some adjustable straps so little adventurers can get to all their belongings in one swoop.

The fairy tale themed 2-in-1 hairbrush that can also be turned into a little princess wand too. My daughter loved playing with this wand the most and spend quite a bit of time brushing her hair. Inside the set there is also a smartphone which is a great way to encourage and engage in imaginative play as well as helping to develop and encourage communication and language skills. With a press of a button you can actually give Diana a call and she really talk to you.

There was also a little nail polish that had a special little surprise charm bracelet inside, which of course was a huge hit with my little one. We also spotted a really cool map Land of Play and some colourful Diana stickers that my daughter used to decorate her backpack.

Love, Diana Light-Up Bubble Wand

Everyone loves bubbles! It doesn’t matter how old you are, bubbles are always fun. They are also a cheap and wonderful way to encourage many areas of development and learning. My daughter had so a LOT of magical fun at playtime with this cute Love, Diana Light Up Bubble Wand which features bubbles, lights and lots of delights.

With a fairy-tale themed design and comes with a refill bottle too, there is no doubt that this wand will bring hours of fun whether they are just playing in the garden or they are off some exciting princess adventure. It could also be a fun accessory to take for a fairy tale theme party. With the simple push of the heart-shaped button on the handle little ones can watch as the wand lights up and bubbles magically float out.

It was so much fun listening to my daughter and of course the pup play with bubbles in the garden together. When she ran out of solution, it was really simple to refill. At the bottom of the wand there is a gem shaped container that has been designed for little hands so that they can easily add solution and pop the gem back onto the wand.

Love, Diana Mini Mystery Trunks.

We also picked up these Mini Mystery Trunks that are filled with surprises inside so that little ones can recreate magical adventures from the Land of Play. 

Use the special key to unlock the four mystery trunks and discover the secret treasures hidden inside that include a rare charms and a key. There are three lovely bracelets and 12 hanging charms that can easily clip to the bracelet. Little ones can wear them all at once, or use them as friendship bracelets to share and swap with friends.

The Love, Diana range appeals to a little one and their sense of adventure and imagination. I always think that because she is the same age as my daughter she finds her relatable with her love of princesses, toys, pretty big bows and enjoys pretend play. But with the Love, Diana toy line my daughter will be able to travel to Diana's Land of Play and go on their own exciting adventures. You can find the collection a Smyths, The Entertainer and Argos

** We have been kindly gifted some of the items in this post but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**