The Magical and Mystical Dream Seekers

Fairies are the kind of magical being that have long had the power to bring out joy and wonder in children. They are colourful, mischievous and live in some of the most magical of places, so it comes to no surprises that my daughter loves the mystical fun that they bring.

Fairies allow my daughter's imagination and her natural sparkle come together, all with the help of a little fairy dust. So when we came across these adorable rag doll fairies with the most beautiful wings, we knew that our daughter would love them. 

What Are Dream Seekers?

Dream Seekers are mystical friends that listen to your dreams and help you find the courage to make them come true by sharing their own dreams and revealing their unique personalities. These are ragdoll inspired fairies that are full of style with removeable outfits and whimsical wings that are made from stylish materials and fabrics that cater to each Dream Seeker's individual style and character. There are three magical Dream Seekers to collect - Hope, Luna and Bella and they all come with their very own stylish outfit based on their personalities and unique dreams.

We couldn't wait to head to the local toy store to see the full range of Dream Seekers and of course my daughter is obsessed with rainbows and made a bee line for Hope because of her gorgeous long rainbow hair. Hope is always beaming with colour and positivity. She dreams that everyone can find their own rainbow of happiness. Her magical outfit reflects this in its bright and colourful carefree style.

But of course she has made some requests for Luna who has fluffy white wings and a light blue outfit with long blonde hair, she kind of reminds me of Elsa. Luna is a dancer and will stop at nothing until she reaches her dream! She believes that confidence can help everyone achieve their dreams. Luna's magical outfit reflects her passion and gracefulness with multi layered glitter tulle skirt is removeable along with her cute ballet shoes.

The last Dream Seeker is Bella who is an animal lover. A bit like my animal loving girl. Bella dreams that all animals should always be treated with love and kindness always. She has long bright pink hair and a edgy kitty inspired style with a cute little layered pom pom skirt and purrrfect accessories.

What Makes These Dream Seekers So Unique.

Every Dream Seeker comes in their very own Dream Catcher display stand. Just inside there was a secret place where you can write your own dream, you could then close it back up away from prying eyes. At first we didn't notice this secret little place because my daughter was very eager to get through the plastic tags and get Hope out of the packaging.

The Dream Seekers can then sit on the box at night to ensure that they can help protect my daughter's dreams. It was a shame that these cute little Dream Seekers didn't actually come with a real Dream Catcher instead of being a part of the packaging which will undoubtedly become damaged as time goes on. So when Hope isn't in her box she can easily sit on a bedside table, on a shelf or at the end of her bed.

Every Dream Seekers comes with an adorable outfit, hair accessory with long soft hair to brush and style. Hope was so beautiful and had the prettiest eyes. Mimi really loved the size of hope and poseable long legs and arms. She also come with a pair of removable shoes that have small slits on the back for ease, however one of Hope's shoes seemed too big for her and kept falling off. We were worried that our puppy would get hold of it and eat it, so we managed to pop some cotton wall at the back of the shoe for now.

On every Dream Seeker you will discover unique style and different look, but you will also fund a beautiful 'Dream Mark' on their wrist that represents the Dream Seekers personality and the dream that they seek. My daughter loved Hope for all her pretty rainbow colours and it was so sweet to find that her 'Dream Mark' on her wrist was happiness. It is the perfect fit for my fun loving happy little girl.

Dream Seekers are mystical friends that listen to your dreams and help you find the courage to make them come true by sharing their own dreams and revealing their unique personalities. They are beautiful, playful and mystical that are a great way to encourage imaginative play. My daughter loved her pretty little rainbow ragdoll and would always place her on her bedside table to make sure she can catch those bad dreams for her. The Dream Seekers dolls retail at £19.99 each and I felt this was relatively good value for money. You can check out the full range of Dream Seekers dolls at Smyths Toys now.

** We have been kindly gifted Dream Seekers but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**


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