Totem Infernal Power Game

Lockdown 3.0 is in full swing and even though there seems to be good news with the vaccines rolling out, restrictions are not letting up any time soon. The next few months are going to be tough for everyone and so staying home is going to be the new going out. But if the first lockdown taught us anything it's that keeping our families entertained is not easy. 

So this time around many of us are looking for fun and exciting ways to keep our families entertained without being constantly being glued to our screens. What better way to entertain everyone than bringing back family game night? There was nothing quite like the smell of margherita pizza coming out of the oven and the rattle of board games coming out of the cupboard as a kid. 

So now that we are spending more time at home we need to make family game night a thing in our house. Not only will it be a great way to bond and have fun, but it will allow the little one to work on a variety of skills such as social skills, problem solving, fine motor skills, visual motor skills, the list goes on. We do have a good selection of games and challenging puzzles already, but we want to add some different family bonding challenges into the mix. We have been getting ourselves in a spin with this Totem Infernal Power Game

So what is the Totem Infernal Power Game? Well, these are clever little spinning tops that are little LEDs that spin and light up as you stack them. Experience spinning tops like you've never seen before. Spin your spinning tops or totems using the launcher and stack them all in size order to build the ultimate light up totem tower. But it may not be as easy as you think and it may take you a few attempts, but once you do, your tower will look impressive. So are you ready to take on the Totem Infernal Power Challenge? 

Do you think you can build the biggest tower? Let's find out. To get yourself in a spin with this challenge first you need to add two AAA batteries into your biggest totems, and batteries are not included in the box. Next, find a big clear space either up a table or on a hard wearing floor to begin spinning. Just keep in mind that the harder you spin your totem the faster they will go. 

Inside each Totem Infernal Power Game pack there are five different sized colourful spinners or totems and a grey totem launcher. The aim of the game is to try and spin your totem and stack on another one before the topple over or stop spinning. Simple, right? 

Begin by placing the largest totems which is the orange one into your launcher and twist, you will start to hear a click. Keep twisting as you hear the clicks but be careful because if the totem slips out of your hands it will be pretty powerful - my nose learned the hard way. So you basically click and twist until you cannot hear any clicks, then carefully press the button on the launcher to release the totem. 

Watch your totem spin, but you need to be quick to launch your second totem into the one that is spinning. Believe me, it's not as easy as you think and they will certainly go spinning if they don't connect with one another. 

We really enjoyed the Totem Infernal Power Game and at first we did find it pretty tricking to get each of them to spin so quickly one after another. So far we have managed to get four of the totems on top of one another but every time we add the fifth totem it topples over and we have to start again. We had lots of fun and laughs trying to get the five totems stacked. Will you be able to stack the five spinning totem and become a champion? If so, can you do it blind folded? The Totem Infernal Power retails at £9.99 making it the perfect addition to family game night. They are available at Smyths Toys, Argos and The Entertainer.

** We have been kindly gifted our Totem Infernal Power Game but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**