Little Lady's Christmas Eve Basket 2020

The Christmas Eve box is a trend that has grown massively in the last few years. The beauty of a Christmas Eve box is that you can fill them with whatever you like and give them to whoever you like, as long as they suit your Christmas Eve needs – that could be food, a film, books, or everything Santa needs on his arrival into your home. 

We have been doing these Christmas Eve Baskets every year for our daughter and now they have become our tradition. I always get so excited curating these little baskets for my daughter and nothing beats seeing her little face when she gets to unwrap the basket. Each year the basket of goodies seems to get bigger and filled with new surprises. Do you have a Christmas Eve box or basket? They are so simple and easy to put together they will really get you feeling festive and you'll have everything you need for a festive fun filled day. 

The Box or Basket

But you always have to start off with a box, basket or container to hold all those Christmas eve treats. When we first started our tradition we looked everywhere for the perfectly sized wooden box, but we couldn't find one. So in the end we decided to begin our Christmas Eve tradition with a basket instead of a box. There are so many different kinds of boxes or baskets that you could use, but you will definitely need something that is going to be sturdy and last a while. We picked up a medium wicker baskets many years ago, but we have seen this similar one in grey. 

A Christmas Film

There's nothing quite like snuggles on the sofa watching your festive favourites to wind down from a fun filled day, it has to be one of our favourite traditions. But trying to narrow down your favourite Christmas film is always a hard choice as there are so many wonderful choices. As a child we would always save The Muppet Christmas Carol for our Christmas Eve film and it this is something that my daughter loves to watch too. It just has that nostalgic feel for me. 

You could watch some favourites from your childhood like the Grinch, Miracle on 34th Street or The Santa Clause. Perhaps you want to choose an all out classic , like It's a Wonderful Life or White Christmas. Or maybe a newer film, like Netflix's Klaus which is perfect for all the family or the recently released Jingle Jangle that is fast becoming a festive favourite. The great thing about Christmas films for children is that it's so much easier to find a good one than a bad one. We have picked the best five films see which ones we included

A Christmas Story

Once you finish your hot chocolate with all the trimming watching your favourite film, it's now time for a bedtime story. The beautiful illustrations and sweet stories will leave you and your children feeling full of the holiday spirit. Beloved tales like The Night Before Christmas or The Polar Express are great choices for little ones. No matter which option you choose, we highly suggest holding on to these year after year. You may find that displaying them and reading together as a family will become some of the most treasured Christmas traditions you hold dear. 

Hot Chocolate 

Silky, delicious hot chocolate is the perfect festive treat for the holidays. But a hot chocolate with whipped cream and all the marshmallows you can possibly fit into your festive mug is like a Christmas Eve staple, right? You can always take your hot chocolate up a notch with Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Salted Caramel Rum Hot Chocolate or how about a Coconut Hot Chocolate? Go on, it's Christmas!

Magical Reindeer Food

Let your children create a little Magical Reindeer Food for the Rudolf and his hard working reindeer team. Traditionally it is just oats and glitter, but, with my animal loving girl we needed to make sure that we didn't include anything that could harm any birds or wildlife. 

Gingerbread House

My husband always works on Christmas Eve which can be a little disappointing as he misses out on all the fun. But we always managed to save a couple of fun festive activities for him to get involved with and making a gingerbread house together is one of them. I love making gingerbread but making a gingerbread house from scratch isn't my favourite so to make life a little easier we always add a ready-to-assemble gingerbread house kits in our daughter's basket. 

Festive Pyjamas. 

Christmas is a time for wearing pyjamas, even during the day so it's an opportune moment to upgrade their nightwear with a matching set. Last year we picked up some matching festive pyjamas from Primark, but sadly due to the lockdown and shops closing we couldn't get hold of all our size which is a shame. But after scouring all the supermarkets and a little online searching we managed to pick our daughter some cute little reindeer pyjamas that I know she will love. 


Christmas socks or slippers are always great idea to add into a Christmas Eve Basket. There are plenty of options for children from fluffy to funny to personalised that will look so cute over the festive season. Frugi have the best choices with their Super Socks in a Bag like these grey reindeer ones. I know that my daughter will just loves these. Wrapped up in their very own gift bag, these brand NEW Super Socks make perfect Christmas presents for little ones. With colourful and festive characters on each pair, these beautifully soft and cosy socks are ideal for keeping teeny-tiny toes warm. Not only are they cute, festive and warm they are 90% Organic Cotton 8% Polyamide 2% Elastane. 

Christmas Crafts

Not something everyone thinks about when putting together a Christmas Eve box or basket, but we love crafts in this household. So we added a couple of small crafts kits for our daughter to occupy herself throughout the day. We have added a Suncatcher Decoration Kit that we will pop into our window, a Foam Fun Craft Kit and a Merry Christmas Elf Craft that we picked up from Poundland. 

Colouring Books and Pens

Along with those crafts we always like to add in a couple of activity packs, colouring books and pens. After having a festive Christmas Eve Breakfast we will then pop on our first Christmas film of the day and do a little colouring together and the best picture gets to go on the place of pride - the fridge!

Sweet Treats

As if we haven't indulged in enough sweet treats already we have added in a couple of sweet treats in the Christmas Eve Basket. We picked up a mini selection box, a jar of gold coins, candy canes and this really cool The Snowman and The Snow Dog Fruit Flavoured Jelly Bean Cane.

Do you have a Christmas Eve box for your family? If not, have you thought about starting a new tradition?