Amelia's 6th Birthday Gifts

We had so many plans for our little ones birthday and we are feeling incredibly guilty that we can't celebrate the way she wanted. But children are so resilient and tend to adapt easily with change. So a smaller, more intimate celebration is on the cards this year. 

With Mimi's birthday just around I thought it was time for a birthday gift guide. I don't know about you but I love these types of post as I'm sometimes I need a little inspiration for gift ideas. So if you're looking for some really simple ideas for a girly girl who loves pink, fairies, unicorns and girl superheroes then you've come to the right place.

Merida Dress Bow & Arrow

Brave has always been one of my daughter's favourite films and she has been asking for a Merida bow and arrow set for some time, but we could never get our hands on a set. With the pandemic and most shops closed we couldn't go and browse in the Disney Store. But thankfully we came across one online which included a moulded bow, four arrows with suckers and an adjustable strap quiver, all finished with details inspired by Merida's own weaponry. My little warrior will love this Brave archery set. 

Frozen ll LEGO Jewellery Set

LEGO is always something that ends up on her birthday wish list and she has been asking for lots of Harry Potter and Frozen II sets - there are soooo many to collect. But for her birthday this Frozen II Lego Jewellery Set was a great gift for her. 

You can store your own jewellery in this box and you can also have some fun with the two rings that comes with this set. It is such a cute design including the jewellery box and all the space inside it. Elsa’s Jewellery Box Creation includes three LEGO® bags, one full-piece LEGO® horse and some small purple baseplates.

Unicorn Slip On Casual Shoes

My daughter was sucked into the unicorn obsession a while a go, and it's not hard to see why though - they are cute, adorable and unique. So as you can imagine my unicorn loving girl has quite the collection of toys, clothes and accessories but she could always have more. However not only that, during this lockdown she has grown at a crazy rate. Anyone else found their children need new EVERYTHING? I couldn't resist these Unicorn Slip On Casual Shoes that wer under £10 too. 

Wonder Woman Shield

Brave, strong and packing some serious weaponry, living life like Wonder Woman would be no bad thing and my daughter wanted to be just like her. So this year we decided to get her a Wonder Woman dress with a detachable cape, leg and wrist covers and a jewelled headband. But to complete her look she needed a little protection and so we grabbed this Wonder Woman Shield too - allowing her to explore her inner hero. 

Disney Minnie Mouse Glittery Crossbody Bag

My girl loves accessories at the moment and it really is so sweet seeing her get ready in the morning - she puts on her fake makeup, wears beads galore and finishes her outfit with a cute little bag. And I know that she will love this Disney Minnie Mouse Glittery Crossbody Bag featuring a multicoloured finish, a splendid addition to her wardrobe. 

Messy Me Mini Apron 

Who doesn’t love to bake? Usually when it comes to baking sweet treats my daughter will sit on the floor entertaining herself with the colander or other kitchen utensils, but now it's time to get her more involved and embrace the whole baking idea with her. Now I must admit, it's not easy and they will get messy.

However before you embark on a little baking session with little ones that have to be well equipped, as we all know how messy little ones can get so what better way to get in the mood for a little bake off than with this adorable personalised apron from Messy Me. They have a gorgeous range of wipe clean aprons that are perfect for budding little chefs and aspiring artists.

A Pupppppppyyyyy!

I'm sure if you have been reading our posts or you are following us on social media you will know that we have just welcomed a new puppy into our family. Say hello to Mr Winston! He was an early birthday present so I know that she will remember this birthday more than most. 

So hopefully this will give you some inspiration for gift ideas for a little girl who is turning six. Which gift is your favourite?