Amelia Rose Turns Six

A BIRTHDAY IN LOCKDOWN! With lockdown rules showing no sign of letting up, celebrating birthdays in lockdown is quickly becoming the new normal. And for many younger family members, that means having to shelve plans for birthday parties for celebrating their birthday in lockdown instead. While that might sound sad, it has made way for a creative celebration. 

Our daughter was fully aware that party plans had to be a little different this year. We could see she was disappointed that we couldn't go to London or visit the Harry Potter Studio and she wasn't the only one - we were all looking forward to a London adventure. 

But children are so resilient and can roll with the change a lot easier than us adults. So with a little ingenuity and a lot of online ordering celebrating our daughter turning six wasn't too bad at all. And according to our little girl it was the best birthday EVER

Our little miss sunshine woke up opened lots of presents and cards from family and friends. A big thank you to everyone who made an effort to send her something we really appreciate that times are a little strange right now. We also wanted to give a special thank you to all those  who made calls, sent videos and messages as they really made her day. 

Birthday Breakfast 

Every year we love to transform good ol' pancakes into BIRTHDAY CAKE PANCAKES covered in lots of chocolate, strawberries and lots of sprinkles! Well you can't just have cheerios or toast on your birthday but who wouldn't want to tuck into those. 

After eating those delicious BIRTHDAY CAKE pancakes we headed out to the vets as Winston had a check up about his skin condition and to have his first set of vaccinations. As many of you know our daughters life dream is to become an animal doctor so she jumped at the chance to go to the vets. But seeing as it was her birthday she wanted to go in her brand new Wonder Woman dress and got quite a lot of attention which she lapped up of course. 

The veterinary nurse at the surgery made a complete fuss of the birthday girl with some chocolates and even took her through that back to see the animals and talk to 'real-life' vets. As you can imagine she came out with big smiles telling us that she was allowed to hold a teeny kitten who needed surgery so her cuddles helped calm him down - it was the sweetest gesture. Not only that but she has been invited back for the day to spend some time at the surgery once this is all over.

It was just before lunch and the little lady requested a chicken nugget happy meal and so we all indulged. But they didn't do milkshakes so we were completely devastated, so we make our own banana smoothies which were sooooo good. After lunch we had a couple of socially distanced visitors who were only too happy to come and see the birthday girl. 

As our girl was going to be spending her birthday in lockdown we wanted to make her feel extra special. So we had this gorgeous rose pin and white balloon cluster from Home and Dream Events made for her - she absolutely loved her birthday balloons. So we had all the pretty pink party balloons, the table wear and made the cutest pink and gold tablescape. Considering we didn't really have a theme at first it came together nicely.

Before we knew it was dinner time and it was afternoon tea time. My girl loves an afternoon tea and even though it was so hot we dined in a little afternoon tea. We had pretty pink party balloons, played games, opened presents and of course tucked into a little sausage dog cake to go along with her brand new puppy she got a couple of weeks ago. 

We had the cutest little set up for our afternoon tea with scones, clotted cream, jams and lots of cheese sandwiches. It was perfect with the three of us. It was beautiful day full of lots of sunshine, good food and lots of tea in pretty little tea cups. We then ended our perfect lockdown birthday with a slice of this adorable sausage dog cake, well we had to really! 

The last few weeks in lockdown our daughter has really shown us what a beautiful, kind and caring person she really is and make me feel so proud. Even though she spent her birthday in lockdown and we couldn't spent in the way we planned we all had a wonderful day together. 

If there is one thing that our lockdown party has taught us, it's the impact of expectations. While nothing can quite make up for not being together in person, keeping things small, intimate and connected is the way forward. Just don't forget the party bags!!! Even if it's for three people.