Five Things I'm Loving.

Five favourites lately...

How are you all doing during this lockdown? I have totally lost all sense of time and can't even follow the days of the week. Anyone else? During this lockdown we have been spending so much time in the garden and my house has never been so clean. It's also given me an opportunity to have a complete overhaul in my beauty products as I have quite the stash! So today I thought that I would share five things that I have been loving lately.


You may have seen our post with Evolve Beauty, if not go and catch up. But this has to be on my list of favourites. Every product is hand crafted using natural and organic oils, butters and natural superfoods sourced from around the world. Their Liquid Radiance Glycolic Toner is a great product to add into your beauty routine, especially if you want your skin to feel brighter and give you a bit of a glow. This toner is known to brighten the skin, enhance a glow and keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. A great one for us tired mamas!


The Nuxe Insta-Masque Exfoliating Mask has been amazing for my skin and has helped my blemishes no end. Insta-Masques are the face masks of the future; they offer visible results and a pampering experience, in no time at all – as we are such busy people. It doesn’t matter what your skin type is; you should own this xxfoliating and unifying Mask. The mask focuses on improving radiance and irregular texture that affect a lot of people due to pollution, bad diet and a busy lifestyle. I like to use this in my evening routine two to three times a week and it has such a sweet scent you will never want to rinse it away. 


Next up is more lifestyle favourite, and it's a recipe book. I don't know about you, but we love creating recipes from scratch that are full of good food. The How to Eat Brilliantly Everyday from Abel and Cole has been a great way to make delicious meals that are jam packed with stunning dishes using the very best natural raw ingredients. If you love eating with the seasons, reducing food waste and whipping up creative simple to cook dishes packed with flavour, then this cookbook is for you. 


For a dose of pure indulgence, nothing but a luxury bath product will do. However we always like to take this pure indulgence to a different level with a princess bath as they can really change our moods in an instant. We all need to be having more princess baths! You can choose to pull of petals of some posies you have at home but I really love sprinkling some of these natural and biodegradable rose buds into our bath. A rose petal bath can really help perk up your skin and soothe your mind with its subtle scents. It can help sooth irritated skin, brightens complexions and tightens pores for a smoother appearance.  Petals give off a natural calming scent and using rose petals in your bath can completely change your mood, that's before the amazing qualities that natural rose petals has. 


The last thing that I'm really loving lately is Tiger King on Netflix. It has drama, murder and a lot of crazy cat people. What else could you possibly need during this time of the pandemic? This is a show that many could binge on over a weekend and as the story unfolds it gets weird and weirder but you just can't stop watching. Like with everything, it won't be everyone's cup of tea and some won't understand the hype. It has so many twists and turns and you are often left opened mouthed with the crazy cat world. A must WATCH!

Do you have any favourites lately?


  1. I watched Tiger King twice already. About to watch one more time. lol. I'm obsessed.

  2. I want to try an ex-exfoliating mask one of these days and do a full fledged DIY spa and pamper day. Thanks for reminding me and I have legit been avoiding the Tiger King, I just know I'll get trapped lol

  3. I've not see Tiger King yet but I've heard so much about it! I'm going to have to check it out. Love setting aside self-care days during this really helps the mood!

  4. I wanted to have some nice mask to cleanse my pores and seems like the one you mentioned is worth to try. Thanks.

  5. Ooo I am liking the sound of a rose petal bath. Did not know that they had so many benefit xx