Meal Plan Monday: Week Eight - Feb 24th

Heyyy! It's time for another meal plan Monday! As you know it was half term last week for us and it was fun filled with a trip to the beach, the funfair, a little soft play and a family visit - so it was pretty much a write-off for weight loss. I didn't eat very well last week and I slipped right off that Slimming World wagon. Treat day became TREAT WEEK! But I'm back with a brand new meal plan full of nutritional, calorie controlled meals for the week.

So now that you know how our meal plan wen didn't go last week, let me tell you all about our plans for this week. In addition to all these tasty recipe we will be trying to eat more fruit and veg during the day to make sure we hit our fruit and veggie targets. But let's get back to the meal plan. 

Monday:: Five-Spice Cucumber & Pork Stir Fry with Boiled Rice, Green Beans and Peas

When most people think of cucumbers, they tend to think of uncooked preparations like salads and pickles. So I know what you may be thinking about cucumbers in a stir fry, but they are pretty great stir-fry ingredient The fragrant five spice blend—made from cumin, star anise, cinnamon, peppercorns, and cloves gives diced pork and crunchy veggies such a distinctive flavour. We will definitely make this dish again. 

Tuesday:: PANCAKES

Okay so we are back on plan but doesn't mean that pancakes are not on the cards! Whether you plan to stick to your syns or allow yourself a day off to fully indulge is entirely up to you. There are so many different versions to be found. But instead of american style pancakes we were craving some crepes. They are super delicious and really light. You could go for any toppings you like for these, such as syrup, ice cream, yoghurt, sugar or a even some dusting some cinnamon. You could even go savoury with these crepes like my husband who had some chicken and mushrooms. While my daughter and I had lemon, sugar and some fresh raspberries and blueberries. 

Wednesday: Paprika & Balsamic Chicken Drumsticks, Roasted Chickpeas and a Green Leaf Salad from Slimming Eats. 

This week we are trying to go through all our frozen meat and we found some drumsticks that we needed to use. These paprika, tangy balsamic vinegar and a little honey creates the perfect marinade for these drumsticks. We paired these with some cumin chickpeas and a chunky cut salad.

Thursday:: Honey and Mustard Pork Loins, Sweetcorn Mashed Potatoes and Salad. 

Oh these honey and mustard pork loins are soooo blooming tasty and are so quick to make. Literally a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard and 100ml of stock. The sweet and spicy loins are great with salads, but this week we decided to pair our loins with sweetcorn mash and some green beans, broccoli and peas. I really love this meal as it can be made in less than 20 minutes - perfect dish for us busy mamas. 

Friday:: Salt & Pepper Chicken Thighs, Slimming World Chips and Salad.

Fridays always mean FAKEWAWAY! We love finding recipes that are low syn or syn free but taste like a takeaway and these thighs are just that. We made these when we started our slimming world journey, but it's been a little while since we've had them. These salt and pepper chicken thighs that are only 308 calories in each portion making these slimming friendly so good. We had these with some slimming world chips and of course a green leaf salad. 


  1. The stir fry sounds delicious, I love five spice! I am making a chicken curry tonight, but always looking for inspiration.

  2. I find at the moment that I tend to shop daily as we don't have a car. So I buy what we need for each day. I have bought some chicken breasts for tonight and I think I may do a stir fry. I need to start planning and getting my shopping delivered, I would save more!

  3. Love the sound of the Paprika & Balsamic Chicken Drumsticks, especially paired with chickpeas which I love. Now that's something I have to add to my meal plan next week.

  4. Pancakes are always a winner in our house. We don't wait for pancake day to have them.

  5. I needed to read this as I am getting really bored of cooking the same meals all the time and needed some inspiration xx