Our Half Term Week

We had the best half term together with plenty of fun an activities that has kept all three of us occupied. We went to the funfair, enjoyed afternoon tea, travelled to see family, played mini golf and even managed to squeeze in a trip to a science museum. Phew! Just writing that has made me tired, we really know how to keep ourselves occupied.

Our half term week started with the two of us as my husband was still pretty busy with work, but without sounding too bad that didn't stop our fun. We caught the bus and headed into town. My daughter got so excited for the bus, does any of your children love taking the bus? I prefer taking a car when we go out on adventure, but seeing as if my husband is at work and he is the better driver, we caught the bus. 

The funfair was in town over half term and my daughter didn't know, so it was a lovely little surprise for her. What child doesn't love loud noise, bright lights, rides, sugar and tatty toys? Any child's dream, right? So we went around the fair a couple of times and spend lots and managed to get one tatty teddy. Winning! Even though she isn't keen on rides there are a couple that she loves and this Lightening McQueen one was definitely a favourite, she went on it about five times. But we worked up an appetite and needed to go and eat.

My daughter's favourite place to go and eat is The Pretty Little Teashop which has been designed with a little girl's imagination in mind. It's pretty, it's pink and they make the best carrot cake you have ever tasted. We headed over to our favourite corner ordered two cups of tea, a cheese sandwich and a jacket potato. It is such a great place for afternoon tea and it has a really welcoming and friendly atmosphere - my daughter has even been promised a job when she turns sixteen because she helped the owners clear away her plates.

The next day was an afternoon spent at the park and we had a picnic on the bench and played crocodiles. It was a game that I made up when she was really little and always asks to play it when we come to this park. We were at the park for at least three hours despite it being a little chilly, we then went to shop got some snacks and headed home to have a Disney film marathon.

Our next adventure was with our friends where we arranged a play date at the beach, but being February it's not a grab your flip flops and beach hat kind of weather. It was cold, rainy and very windy. But it doesn't mean we could't get some chocolate churros and ice cream before soft play. I'm sure there is an unwritten law somewhere that says you cannot visit a beach without some sugary treat or ice cream. We all then headed to a local soft play area where we tried to wear out a 2 year old, 5 year old and keep a 10 year old busy for as long as possible. Whilst the little ones unleashed some crazy energy in the soft play area, my friend and I had a catch up over a cup of tea.

Towards the end of the week we made out way up to Northampton to spend some time with family. With three under five to occupy we made some plans over the weekend. Our first adventure was Mr Mulligans for a little mini golf - I detest mini golf. The adult in me know it's all good fun but the big-child in me know it's because I hate losing and my hand eye coordination is shocking. But never the party pooper, I played, I lost, I got grumpy!

The next day we went to a science museum! The Think Tank Science Museum was the perfect place to discovery, learn and play over half term with family. We were all looking forward to a day at the Think Tank Museum and both my husband and I geeked out and got as involved as much as the children. Through interactive exhibits and hands on play, we all had the ability to get involved with learning and discovering something new around every corner. 

We all had an amazing time at the Think Tank museum. There was so much to discover and around every corner was something extraordinary. Our highlights was the City of Birmingham Locomotive, it was pretty impressive and a lot bigger that I thought it would have been. The Smethwick Engine the world’s oldest working steam engine was also in action at the museum we all stared in amazement. As you can see we all had a fun filled half term week and did lots of activities with friends and family. It always times like these that we appreciate that we have so many amazing people in our life and fortunate enough to make some amazing memories.

What did you get up to during half term?