Hatchimals CollEGGtibles: Pet Obsessed Pet Shop

There's nothing like the element of surprise to add fun into playtime. That's what makes Hatchimals so special for little ones. They never know which adorable creature will pop out of that little egg, but you know that they will be surprised and delighted every time. My daughter has been an avid collector since their launch and now we have quite the collection, but it's not hard to see why she loves these little magical creatures. 

But for those that are not familiar with this craze, hatchimals are magical creatures that hatch from little special speckled eggs. You warm these eggs in your hands, crack them open to reveal a cute magical creature - they are not really an animal or a bird but a mixture of the two. 

There are so many different series and types of hatchimals to collect that will be hard for you to choose your favourites. My daughter has been collecting hatchimals for some times and she knows her favourites which are from the Hatchimal CollEGGtibles series, the royal babies, mermals and quite recently the Spring Bouquet

We have these brand new Hatchimal CollEGGtibles: Pet Obsessed Pet Shop series which are a little different from the ones we already have. These Hatchimals come in little cute hearts and with their very own perfect pet matches like turtles, lions, hippos, puppies, and owls. You can connect your new duos into adorable BFF poses, some pets like to hang out and relax on their friends’ heads, and some pairs just want to give each other a big hug. It's the sweetest. 

With 7 adorable families, collect classic pearlized duos, rare glittery duos, ultra-rare metallic Hatchimals with crystal pets, it will be hard not to want to get more for your collections. My daughter could hardly contain her excitement with these little hatchlings though. We got a duo from the 'Fantasy Friends' collection which was a pink skunkle that came with their her very own yellow pegasus. Then we hatched a duo from 'Kitten Smitten' which was a green beeraket with a little blue kitten which was my daughter's favourtie. These Pet Obsessed Pet Shop Multipack with 3 CollEGGtibles has an RRP of £7.99 and hatches in the same way as the old style Hatchimal CollEGGtibles, simply rub the hard and then break the shell to reveal what is inside. But it's exciting as you really don't know which one you will hatch. 

Do you collect Hatchimal CollEGGtibles? If so which are your favourite?

**We have been kindly gifted this spring bouquet that was featured in this post, but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright **