Intentions for 2020

A new year, a fresh start and infinite possibilities. Every year, January brings renewed optimism for change, for a better life, for a better you. It really is a wonderful thing as the fresh start gives us a chance to reinvent our lives and ourselves. For most of us, resolutions for the new year are pretty much the same. Eat healthier, lose weight, start a fitness regime or get a new job. Even though setting personal goals is a great way to strive to learn and grow I'm not about to share a list of generic resolutions that many of us choose this time of year, I'm doing away with resolutions. While we do our best to practice balance and live life to the fullest each day, seeing the start of a new decade calls for a great deal of reflection and setting some intentions for the new year.

By reflecting on the past year is the perfect place to start. So much happened in 2019 and some things for have been really difficult for us, but reflecting on those times has made us realise all the wonderful things that did happen, to be grateful and appreciate all the the little things. Reflection allows us to look back and see where we have come from, you can see exactly how taking the time to reflect on the past can really help you become a better you. By making simple changes can help set ourselves up for more happiness and fulfilment in life. It's all about changing your mindset, altering your focus and prioritising movement forward. We can never underestimate the potential of intentions. So let's reset, reflect and refresh for the new year and set some intentions. 

1. Reflect on Your Accomplishments

Take some time to reflect on what you have accomplished in the past year and what you are proud of.  The best way to try and do this is by beginning a journal or simply having a small notebook by my bedside take so I can write down all the big moments and remember all the little things that happen in 2020. 

2. Set Three Monthly Intentions

Instead of resolutions which aren’t exactly a recipe for success, try setting yourself three goals at the beginning of each month . Personally, setting smaller more achievable goals are far more easier that setting goals that are out there. These can be personal intentions like reading 20 pages a day, a walk after lunch, or developing a meal plan. You can shift your focus to work by setting intentions to help productivity like a no social media day or trying to declutter your inbox. Simple goals can do wonders for productivity. 

3. Begin a Fitness Regime.

It's time to embrace a little health & fitness. I'm an overthinker and I need to find ways to help me get out of my own head so I'm able to deal with stress and take action. So an intention for 2020 is to try and instil a little fitness into my daily life, and to do that I need to set realistic goals and find my motivation. Well, it's clear that my motivation is to become stronger, fitter and ultimately healthier. So that motivation combined with small regular set goals to working out three times a week will ensure that I will achieve those goals because they are realistic.

4. Set Aside Time for You.

To help make your big goals a reality, you need to make time to relax in the midst of the craziness. As a working from home mama this can be pretty difficult but I am determined to make sure that each week I set aside time for me. Prioritising time to do the things will not only make me happy and keep me sane, but it will probably also make me more efficient when tackling the less fun aspects of my schedule and to-do lists. Take a step back, stop rushing, and give yourself time to breathe.

5. Simplify Your Life.

Life can become pretty complicated. Things like meeting work deadlines, keeping in to the loop with friends and family, paying a mortgage on time and making sure my home is hinched is not always so easy. You may want to go head first into every aspect of your life and perfect them all, but spreading yourself too thin can actually make you less productive and change your mindset. In 2020 I'm going to be a believer in self-development and set smaller goals instead of big goals. To give myself the opportunity to challenge myself, create new habits, and try new things. So this year is all about simplifying my life where I hope develop ways to help me save time, money and so much energy in order to become healthier and more productive.

So why not try to reset, reflect and refresh for the new year and set some intentions for 2020.


  1. I think simplifying our lives can make a big impact. I'm aiming to set goals other than just the basic - getting posts done in time. I need to work on boosting views and followers this year.

  2. These are great intentions, I suck at setting resolutions so each month I write monthly goals that I set at the beginning of each month.

  3. These are very sound intentions for 2020, very similar to my 'resolutions' I set. I basically have said to put my physical and mental health first, and that's it :)

  4. I really love these, intentions are much better than resolutions I think.

    I really need to think about mine x

  5. I’m aiming to simplify things this year - life has got far too complicated, it leaves my brain frazzled!

  6. These are great intentions, I like that you are checking in on them regularly too

  7. I definitely want to take more time for me this year. I didn't do it enough last year.

  8. I really like the idea of setting aside three goals for each month rather than stressing over resolutions. This was a fab post to read and very positive!