Meet the Little Goo Drops from the Goo Goo Galaxy

My daughter is completely fascinated by space. Astronauts, planets, the sun, the moon if it's in our galaxy she wants to know about it. A few days ago, I was trying to teach her that silly acronym about remembering the planets. Anyone remember it? I think it's important to teach children about space to help them develop a sense of wonder and appreciation of the universe, but we can also have a little fun by adding a little sparkle.

From an gooey galaxy far, far away come squishy jiggly Goo Drops. The little alien babies are lost and stranded far from their home stars, waiting to be rescued by Earthlings who love goo. They have squishy, jiggly bellies filled with their galaxy's goo, and when squeezed, you can watch the galaxies sparkle and glitter.

We were kindly sent over Astra Nommy and Yumi Unicorn who both arrived in their little alien goo pods with windows all around. But during their crash landing our ones did get a little damaged but they were still great to use in our creative play. Each goo pod includes a goo doll, passport, goo-to-go cup, straw, string and three goo ingredients! There is a DIY galactic slime activity that allows you to mix different colours to create a little slime smoothie, with each meaning.

Astra Nommy 

Meet Astra Nommy who has a very squishy belly filled with goo from her galaxy that sparkles and glitters. The goo looks like confetti and reminds me of sprinkles. As we played games, we enjoyed watching Astral Nommy's head wobble as it wobbled along with her body. Although Astra Nommy can be shy and is a bit reserved, she loves donuts and is always on the lookout for sweet treats to eat. That's our kind of Alien! 

The goo pod comes with a goo-to-go cup with a cosmic cloud and a star, as well as a straw with strings attached. Within the goo pod, there is an emergency hatch where the Inter-GOO-lactic Passport and the slime crystals are hidden. It is filled with lots of fun details about Astra Nommy, including her birthday, eye color, height, and planet. We couldn't find the slime because it had slipped into the back of the box so we went ahead and made the cosmic cloud and the star shine. The slime smoothie had a pretty turquoise colour that matched our goo pod. As the pod has a little string attached, we thought we might attach it to a bag, but the lid didn't stay in place well enough and cosmic cloud went everywhere, so we decided it would be more suitable for display.

Yumi Unicorn

Yumi Unicorn is an adorable little unicorn. My girl is obsessed with unicorns and magical creatures, so Yumi Unicorn was her favourite. There's no denying that she's a sweet little goo drop filled with pretty purple mystical glitter goo from her Mystico star home. A bit forgetful, Yumi Unicorn is the Goo Drop who always has her head in the clouds! Aren't we all like that? It was easier for us to do this DIY activity because we knew that the slime crystals were hidden behind the emergency hatch. My daughter did this little smoothie on her own; it was a pink goo with blue on top with a secret hidden message urging us to follow our dreams. 

DIY Galactic Slime Activity

Every goo pod comes with a little goo-to-go cup that contains two small sachets, as well as a cute little straw and string. My daughter had been looking forward to starting our slime activity, but because the slime crystals with Astra had fallen into the back of the box we couldn't complete the slime activity first. So make sure you check your passport for slime

Each inter-goo-lactic passport contained some information about the goo drop, including their birthday, planet, eye colour, and interests. The Galactic Slime Activity had a step-by-step guide for making slime, or what we call a goo drop smoothie! We began by adding the slime crystals and water to the goo-to-go cup. We allowed the slime to set before moving on. The next step was to add water to the cloud as it grew, then top with star shine to add star quality to the smoothie. You should keep in mind that the goo drop smoothie is only for display purposes. With each smoothie colour, you get a special message from the little goo drops, such as Shoot for the Moon, You're a Star, Follow your Dreams, and You're Out of This World.

We really enjoyed making the goo drop smoothie, but it's a pity that it's only for display. This is a one-shot packet of slime, cosmic cloud, and star shine! Goo-to-go cups aren't secure enough and spilled on my carpet. After scooping the spill back into the cup, we were good to go. It would be a perfect little stocking stuffer or small gift for someone who loves slime, glitter, and creative play at only £14.99 per goo drop! My daughter has requested Luna Laguna next. They're available at Smyths Toys, The Entertainer, and Amazon. You can choose from Astra Nommy, Yumi Unicorn, Stella Skygems, or Luna Laguna. Why not collect them all?

** We were kindly gifted the Goo Drops from Character Toys but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.  **


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