Don't Forget The Labels for Back to School

It's all about back to school for us this week and we are finally getting somewhere. We have just about managed the uniform shop after my daughter has had yet another growth spurt, we wanted to wait for as long as we could to ensure that her uniform lasts for as long as possible. The school uniform shop wouldn't be complete without finding the perfect pair of school shoes, that task wasn't as bad we just needed to find a pair of shoes that has a contemporary style, be hard-wearing, comfortable, and of course, fit school uniform guidelines. So whether you’re just beginning your school run mum duties or you’re a pro with back to school one thing that is essential is preparation, and in the midst of the back to school madness one thing that is seems to be overlooked are the labels. 

When it comes to looking for those all important labels there are so many different types you can choose. When I was at school my mum would spend hours sewing them into my school shirts and skirts, however us mamas don't have time for that. We all want a quick and easier solution when it comes to the dreaded labelling. Are you with me? That is why when it come to labels Petit-Fernand is the only choice.

Petit-Fernand are company who specialise in creating unique personalised labels for EVERYTHING you could imagine from clothing, books, bags and even shoes! As my little girl is heading into year one she needs to take quite a lot of stuff with on a daily basis so we needed quite a few labels. And so it made complete sense for us to get a bumper value pack to ensure that we are able to label all her belongings. This school pack has been specially created for the little ones heading off to school! You will find all the necessary to tag quickly and easily their clothing and belongings. 

The School Value Pack

For clothes:

- 30 stick-on labels
- 20 iron-on labels

For objects:

- 30 Mini item stickers
- 40 item stickers (1 line)
- 10 item stickers (2 lines)
- 5 item stickers (4 lines)
- 10 shoe labels

My labels arrived through the post within days and I couldn't wait to open the envelope to see our creativity in label form. I honestly could believe how quickly ordering, dispatching and delivery was. The delivery is free and they are shipped world wide. When I open the envelope I was surprised that my labels arrived in a lovely little booklet, with no loose sheets so you are able to keep them neat and tidy for another time. Each type of label was clearly marked inside the booklet with a set of clear instructions on how to use them. All labels are washing machine and tumble dryer resistant and stick onto garments withing 12 seconds or so. It really didn't take any time at all.

The School Pack contain 20 iron-on labels and 30 stick-on labels to stick on the care labels and 95 stick-on objects labels to stick on every object with a smooth surface to identify easily all the school supplies like the books, note books, pencils, pens, scissors, glue sticks… and even shoes! The School packs incudes over 145 labels that that vary in sizes and from stickers and iron-on for £30 - great value if you consider how quickly you'll label your child's uniform and belongings. 

** We were kindly gifted this school pack from Petit Fernand, however as always my words and opinions are my own**


  1. Ah these look really good! My daughter started school this year, so we're in the world of needing clothing labels all of the time now :)

  2. Great buy! This year is the first year I actually got any, they are just plain as he’s at high school now.

    But they were so easy to use x

  3. I actually need to get labelling Erin's winter things this week! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I got a huge pack of stickers as term started. They are so much easier than other ways to name everything!

  5. How cute are those labels! They definitely add something 'extra' in helping little ones quickly see that an item is theirs. So much easier than trying to write everything on with one of those pens. x

  6. We bought a lot of labels this year as we are tired of school jumpers doing a walkable after PE.