Simple Teacher Gift Ideas to Say Thank You.

As we are gearing up to the end of term I thought that I would share some gift ideas that are perfect for your child's teacher. I think that a little thank you goes a long way, so are you prepared to say THANK YOU to that special teacher that has helped encouraged your child throughout the year? Or perhaps sending a little thank you gift hasn't even crossed your mind and now you have so many teachers thank. Don't worry that's why I have chosen to focus on a few teacher gifts on the blog this morning. First, to share the friendly reminder. And second, I’d love to ease the burden you might be feeling … just a bit.

GIFT IDEA #1: Handmade Cards

What says thank you better than a handmade card. It's a one size that fits all, so you cannot really go wrong with this option. So why not spend an afternoon with your children to get creative and make their teacher feel special. There are so many ways that you could try and be creative with your card, Pinterest will be your new friend as it's great for inspiration. However if you have left it too late there are always some great crafters out there that are only too happy to help.

GIFT IDEA #2: Stationary & Notebooks

As a geek who loves stationary, this would be the perfect gift for me. If there was ever a job where you needed to be super organised pretty much constantly would be a teacher. Just think of all the lesson plans, the meetings, the schedules and that's all before homework! A teacher needs to be organised. We have a teacher in the family and when she goes into detail about her daily tasks I honestly don't understand how they can keep up. So a gift that comes in useful is most definitely going to be appreciated. What better way to help them keep organised than with a A5 Teacher Personalised Notebook. This notebook in Blue, Red or Green has a modern half-page vertical line design, soft touch finish hard cover and is the perfect place for journaling, planning, note writing or just doodling. This Teacher Notebook also comes with a colour matching ribbon bookmark with elastic closure.

GIFT IDEA #3: Chocolate. 

What says thank you in the best way possible, than with chocolate! Chocolate is always a winner. With these Morse Toad chocolate you can add your own personality by writing in chocolate and finishing with a note to say who it's from. Morse Toad have a huge range of messages for different themes from birthdays, anniversaries, new baby, a valentines gift or just to say thank you. You can write a personalised message, up to 44 characters long, including words, letters, numbers and punctuation. There are so many food gifts from Yumbles that you really are spoiled for choice. Keeping with chocolate idea, these dairy milk chocolate bars with personalised sleeves are also a fantastic idea too. One for a true Cadbury lover! I didn't actually know you could get so many different personalised gifts from Cadbury's Direct. For our lovely teacher we thought that this would be a wonderful idea especially as you are able to personalise the back of the bar and up to 100 characters. We chose the biggest bar you can get at 850g to make sure that they really enjoy the gift. With the personalisation we got our teachers name on the front and the words 'It takes a big heart to shape little minds. Thank you so much Mrs R.'. 

GIFT IDEA 4: Beauty Hand Saviour

Something that our daughter gave to her teacher last year was a hand cream, nail file, personalised tea bag and chocolate. We were told that apart from the chocolate hand cream is not a gift they get often. So a beauty hand saviour has to be in this teacher gift list. SEAMS Beauty Hand Saviour was a brand that was born from the fashion industry and especially formulated for couturiers and seamstresses to help mend, moisturise and soothe dry pin-pricked hands. As well something that heals, soothes and moisturises the cream’s been formulated to be fast absorbing and non-greasy, making easier to handle fabrics and surfaces without leaving residue behind. And now, the must have hand cream is something that seamstresses, make-up artists and models or simply anyone who wants incredibly soft and beautiful hands needs. Seeing as we use our hands everyday, we need to take the extra time in keeping our hands looking and feeling great, so that you can work faster and in comfort.

GIFT IDEA 5: Cookies and Treats

I don't know many people who don't love cookies, so why not surprise your child's teacher with a batch of super delicious cookies. A selection of sweet vanilla hand iced school themed cookies that you could also personalised with their name. For those who are looking for something that is organic, vegan friendly or free from then Creative Nature who specialise in healthfoods are your only choice. Their ranges include healthy flapjack bars, superfood powders, green powders wholefoods and breakfast toppings. An impressive range. A product that caught my eye are their healthy flapjack bars as they seems like the perfect treat to add into a teacher gift bag. These healthy flapjacks comes in a range of flavours such as goji berries, maca powder, cacao powder and muffin mixes. The carrot cake one is AMAZING! And if you make a purchase of these carrot cake ones make sure you bulk buy. They are so good. 

GIFT IDEA #6: Teacher Tea Gift Set

As a tea lover this would be a great gift to receive. I am more than sure that a few tea breaks are needed for teachers so why not surprise your child's teacher with these personalised assorted teabags. Each are packaged individually in a paper envelope. Handmade & designed specifically with quotes for a special teacher. These are the perfect gift for the end of term. The designs include cute, witty and encouraging quotes to brighten up a special teachers day! The teas are sourced from well known British tea companies and the set includes a selection of flavours: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Camomile, Rooibos, Indian Spice Chai, Mint (spearmint), Jasmine Green Tea and Honeybush.

So have you thought about saying thank you to your child's teacher? If it's completely slipped your mind you have two weeks left, so be quick! We currently have a Teacher Gift Bundle over on our Facebook page, so why not go over give our page a like and enter. 


  1. We just bought some personalised chocolate for our daughter's teacher as she is a big chocolate lover but I love the idea of gifting notebooks.

  2. I love the Thank You Teacher chocolates. I'm sure that would be a hit with most teachers.

  3. Some great ideas. I've gone for scented candles this year. I have this hand cream and love it

  4. I love the notebooks! Our school in Scotland already finished two weeks ago - we all clubbed together to give our teacher a John Lewis voucher.

  5. I love the personalised notebooks. I think personalised gifts are perfect because they show thought has gone into them.

  6. Lovely ideas! I've been super organised this year and all done.

  7. These are such cute ideas. We've joined forces in the class and giving together. x