My July Goals

Hello July,

It’s been a little while since I have written a goals post and now I have my mojo back I thought that I would run with it and write. How is it July? We are more than half way through the year already, and it doesn't even seem possible. I have just had a little peek at my calendar for the month ahead and it’s looking super fun! July is holiday month, that’s totally a thing right? This month is full of big family plans. We are having a kitchen refit, finally. My little lady finishes her first year of school and breaks up for the holidays and we also getting away from all the hustle and bustle that comes with July and going on a family holiday. July is going to be a pretty busy month for us, so let's talk goals for July.

1. Write a summer bucket list. The little lady and I were chatting on the way to school about all the things that we would like to do during the summer. So we thought that we would write a bucket list of all the activities and adventures that we would love to do this summer. On our list are things like playdoh and picnics to visiting Buckingham Palace and taking a trip to Disneyland. Not to be a negative nelly and burst her bubble but the latter is something that is near enough impossible to organise for this year so I will have to think of something else. 

2. Fall in love with Instagram again. Oh Instagram, a bit of a love and hate thing for me right now. Is anyone else really struggling to grow or get any authentic engagement? Instagram use to be the platform for me to show my creative side, connect with other bloggers and curate a pretty light and airy feed, well try at least. But at times it can really make me seriously doubt myself and become a little green eyed as I filter through all the beautiful feeds that grow overnight. I really need to start an animal account they manage to get millions of followers in an instant! Ha! So in July I need to stop overthinking the posts I share and post things that I want to share

3. The kitchen renovation begins, finally. We have been living in our house just over three years now and in that time we have slowly but surely made this house our home. The kitchen was one room that needed completely renovating and now everything else is done, it time for a new kitchen. If this is something that is new territory for you, believe when I sat that there is actually so much to take into consideration when looking a brand new kitchens, who knew? It honestly took my husband and I so long to actually choose our kitchen. We knew the kind of style and the colour that we wanted, but we also wanted to choose a kitchen that was going to last us more than five years or so. So it wasn't an easy decision but we finally agreed on the same kitchen! And if choosing a kitchen didn't take us long enough, choosing a tradesmen is a completely different ball game. We organised so many meetings, so many consultations and read through so many detailed quotes. It's a bit of a minefield! With some luck we found a goods tradesmen who worked within our budget the only downside was that he was fully booked until the end July. Eeek. 

4. Our family holiday. We have a little family holiday coming up at the end of July and we are beyond excited. We booked our little adventure back in March and we have been counting down the days and this year our daughter is very excited as she decided on the cottage. We are heading up North to a little place called Bucken that is surrounded by beautiful hills, terrains and lots of water so as you can probably already tell there are going to be lots of adventures ahead for us. 

5. Blog relaunch. I may have already said this at some point, but I’m hoping to relaunch my blog this year with more categories, different content and perhaps even an entire new sections. As you can tell I am in the planning stages at the moment but I have been looking into a complete redesign and an overhaul of images to curate a prettier blog. Is there anything that you's like to see more of? I honestly would love some feedback off my lovely readers? I want to share content that you want to see. 

What do you have planned for July?


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram too! I hope you have a fab holiday full of adventures!

  2. Ohh these sound like some great goals and I hope you have an amazing family holiday

    Laura x