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A New Home, A New Start For Harley

It seems to strange to think that we have had this beautiful boy in our family for over four years and it has been an adventure to say the least. It just wouldn't be the same without our cheeky Welsh cob, he just has the best personality. We discovered that Harley loved polos when he once nudge me and nibbled at my pockets for them, he is such a character. In the few short years Harley has moved from one field to another, then to another we were just unable to settle in one place. After searching high and low for the perfect field for him, we think we have finally found our forever home and we couldn't be more excited. 

Moving to a new home can be a both exciting and daunting experience. For one uprooting our boy from familiar surrounding and separate him from his field friends. The feed and water can be different and things like stables and fences will be in different place, at our new field we still have to place our stable. There are new people, companions, and new schedules to learn about. All these changes made Harley a little nervous at first but soon enough he settled and adjusted. 

We did need to make sure that his new home was ready for him, we had to ensure that Harley's new home was safe as possible and comfortable. We wanted to make this field transition as easy as possible. We removed older fences and installed new ones, added in a gate and checked the whole fields and surrounding for any hazards, the last thing we wanted was for Harley to get hurt. As much as we love our boy, he is a jumper and we didn't want him to feel nervous with move and jump over the gate, or try to barge through a fence. We also made sure that we had an adequate supply of hay, and fenced off half of his field to ensure that one side of the grass keeps healthy and enough to supply our horse for weeks at a time. 

Once we did all that, it was time for the move. At first, Harley’s behaviour seemed quite different compared to what it was like in his previous home. Being moved to a new home is pretty stressful for a horse and seeing as its the fourth time he has moved, we wanted to make sure that it was a smooth process. But thankfully Harley took it in his stride and pretty much settled in straight away. 

A bright Spring morning we decided to go down to the field to go and spend some time with Harley. Being a family who love to spend a lot of time outdoors, our choice in clothing is super important. As we know Spring can be an unpredictable month as it can be sunshine one minute, over cast the next to full on torrential rain. The morning started off beautiful then got chilly quickly. But we don't want the weather to stop us spending as much time as we can with Harley. So with a little help from Rydale we can do just that. We were kindly send over a Cross Neck Hoody in Navy and the cutest Roxby Canvas Trainers in Spotted Navy.

Cross Neck Hoody in Navy

Hoodies are one of the most versatile pieces anyone can have in their wardrobe. It’s functional, comfortable and stylish in equal measures. It's also bang on trend and this cross neck hoody is practical and super stylish. This Cross Neck Hoody in Navy arrived beautifully packaged in a navy blue star detailed box, wrapped in tissue paper and as soon as I pulled the hoody from the package I could already tell the quality of the hoody was nothing like some others I own. 

A our modern twist on the traditional hoody, with a snuggly cross over neck and glitter embroidered elbow patches. With practicality still a key a factor, this hoody itself is thick and warm with traditional kangaroo pouch pockets and a fleece lined hood. At first glance, this hoody looks pretty good as its smart enough to wear walking around, or popping to the shops, yet practical enough to carry out your yard duties in and ride in. A great all rounder. It's so soft and comfortable, really thick and warm, and the cross over at the front is excellent! I love that I'm able to scrunch the hood down like a scarf instead of it hanging over my shoulders. The kangaroo pockets are so practical which are perfect for a set of keys or mobile phone, plus nothing falls out of them. This is the perfect staple to have in my wardrobe all year round to help keep me warm, but yet looks super stylish. 

With this Rydale cross neck hoody there is a great attention to detail. Personally the best feature of this hoody was of course the cross neck due to the practicality of the oversized neck and hood. It feels so cosy and warm without all the layers. After our day at the field and lots of horse dribble the hoody needed a quick spin in the washing machine, I was a little worried about washing it as I didn't want the hoody to lose its colour or shape. But I didn't have to worry as it washed really well and what makes this hoody even better is that I didn't even have to iron it! Woo. Even though this isn't the cheapest hoody on the market with a retail of £34.99, but its on offer at the moment on the Rydale website where you can get two hoodies for £60. It really is worth every penny. 

Roxby Canvas Trainers in Spotted Navy

To accompany my hoody we were also sent these Roxby Canva Trainers in Spotted Navy. I love these types of shoes, anything that looks cute but super comfy is most definitely my thing. These spotted navy canvas trainers are the best thing to help kick start your wardrobe this Spring. These shoes come in a variety of different colours to help and cater to all tastes and start from a size three and go up to size seven. With a durable canvas outer, a grippy rubber sole and contrasting lace they are a must have. I have already purchased a couple of other pairs ready for my holiday in the Yorkshire dales in July as they are so comfy and are an absolute steal at £14.99. 

So what do you think of these products from Rydale?

We were kindly send these items for review from Rydale, but as always my words and opinions are my own.
20 comments on "A New Home, A New Start For Harley"
  1. Ahhh he is so cute :) Lovely photos.

  2. Aww that's so good that he has settled into his new home well! I love the polka dot shoes - they look so stylish and comfortable :)

    1. Oh they really are super comfy! He is settling in so well.

  3. I love the shoes! A lot!!

    What a lovely boy he is, I’m so glad you’ve found his forever home but have enjoyed your time with him.

    1. Oh you should get yourself a pair they are so comfy.

  4. Harley is lovely - I was brought up with horses and still miss them. There's something about their noses I just can't get enough of!

    1. Yes, I must admit I love his little nose.

  5. What a gorgeous boy! That hoodie looks great too - perfect for chillier days when you want to get out and about with him still

    1. The hoody is so soft and pretty long so perfect when its cold.

  6. I love that cross neck hoodie - it looks so comfy. What a gorgeous horse Harley is...glad to hear he is settling in well!

    1. Aw thank you, that's so kind. Yes it a really lovely hoody.

  7. I love a comfy hoodie! They're great all year round really.

  8. Those canvas trainers are really cute. Perfect for the outdoors. Also, Harley is gorgeous!

  9. What a gorgeous looking boy you have, it must have been hard at first. Loving the colour of your hoodie.

  10. What a beautiful horse! I love the polka dot shoes too.

    1. I have to agree he is pretty cute. Oh yes me too.


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