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Memories For Life with Jessops Photos

There was nothing that would make me happier than going through photos albums with my grandparents on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea and slice of cake. Seeing all the crazy hairstyles, the cute baby grins, the photos you hoped has disappeared off the face of the earth and of course all the photos and shared memories about those who are no longer with us. It was always such a great afternoon feeling nostalgic about the times of the past but wonderful reliving the memories. But being in the digital age, we rarely print our photos. I must admit I have a handful of prints around my house somewhere, my grandparents had so many albums so now I want to try and create some of my own. 

Spring is such a pretty month, it's the main reason why my husband and I decided to get married in Spring. The beautiful blue skies, the sun breaking through the clouds and all the pretty blooms you see come to life, whats not to love really. Spring is most definitely one of my favourite time of year and its around Spring that my husband and I like to shake up our life in the home, the garden and plan lots of exciting adventures. Being a blogger you could say that I have a real passion for photography, I am no where near professional level but photography is something that is getting better with time. 

As a blogger I like to take photos and what better way to capture the world other than in its natural beauty, Spring is the best season to get wonderful captures. Now I rarely go anywhere without my camera. At the moment, I'm having to use my old Samsung NX20 but I am getting a Nikon D5300 soon so the quality photos will be fantastic. When I take photos I normally find myself going through hundreds and hundreds of captures. A spring goal for me is to try and make some memories come to life and made into beautiful wall art and added into my very own photos books with Jessops Photo printing service. 

Jessops Photo really have a passion for print and technology. They enjoy the technological innovations that puts a camera in everyone's hand to make us all the photographer we hope to be, but they believe that there is something magical about a printed photograph. I couldn't actually agree more. I am able to finally finishing my own wedding photo book and baby journal for my beautiful baby girl. 

The Design Process

You really are spoiled for choice with Jessops Photos. I couldn't believe just how many products you can make with photos that we have taken ourselves. So many ways to to showcase all the magical memories that we can cherish but also some beautiful ideas to help make update our home. You can choose from photo books, cups, cushions, blankets to canvases, acrylic prints, and even prints on wooden photo panels.  I'm most excited to show you the wedding photo book and designing the photo book on the Jessops Photo website couldn't be any easier. Not only do they have so many different designs and types of photos books to choose from, the process itself it so simple and straightforward. You can really have as much fun with your photo book as you want by adding text, illustrations and snippets of art to help set your photos free. 

You can create any type of photo book that you want, but I decided to create a wedding book of my favourite photos of our special day and a baby book of my daughters first photo shoot. There were so many options to choose from including the size of the book, the layout, as well as the different designs and finishes of the photo book. Its a pretty fun process. I decided to choose a the Premium Layflat Photo Book in a 12x12 photo book in a matte finish. I decided to save all my photos that I wanted to include into the book onto my computer, however half way through creating my book I wanted to add some more and you can easily add these onto the Jessops Photo website. You can select through your computer, or from your social media accounts such as google photos, facebook, instagram or dropbox. It was so easy.

Once you have selected the design of the book itself, you upload your photos and start designing the pages, you can design your book anyway you like. I love the fact that you could design the number of photos, add text and even add some cute illustrations too. You have full control over the designing process. However if you need inspiration there is the option where your photos can be added into the book already and you can make changes as you go along. However if you add photos that are not great quality, Jessops Photo send you a little reminder to let you know that the quality may be different when printed and if you're okay with that, a simple click and you're done. 

The Photo Book

I honestly couldn't have been happier with my wedding photo book when it arrived in the post. Not only was it exactly what I wanted, the quality was outstanding. It captured my special day beautifully. The attention to detail was incredible and its was so much more than I thought it would be. I really recommend you using Jessops Photo if you wanted to create a little photo book for those cherished memories. So if you're looking to create a keepsake for someone or yourself then go and check out Jessops Photos they have an extensive range so they can easily suit all budgets and all occasions. They have everything you need to create stunning wall art, photo books, framed prints or gifts. There are tonnes of Spring offers on at the moments over at Jessops to help set you up for capturing the memories and Jessops Photos to help bring those photos to life. 

This post is a collaboration with Jessops Photo, the products featured were purchased with a gifted voucher, but chosen by myself. All opinions and photographs are my own.
16 comments on "Memories For Life with Jessops Photos"
  1. I love taking pictures but I love to print them out, to hold it in my hand and really see all of the image.

    I have so many pictures that I am yet to put in albums. I do keep thinking that maybe photobooks are a better idea.

    I’ll be checking these out, thank you x

    1. Oh yes you should. There are so many fantastic offers on at the moment. Fathers Day is just around the corner so its a perfect option for a gift.

  2. I have always loved photo albums, I have so many and I loved looking through them. I haven't printed any for a while now and really need to soon.

    1. I want to print more, it was so lovely going through this album with my little lady. However, she was disappointed that she wasn't there but still enjoyed looking through them.

  3. I love the idea of a photo book, they look really stylish. I have loads of pictures that I keep meaning to get printed, it is nice to have hard copies.

    1. Yes, sometimes a photo online doesn't cut it when looking back on fond memories.

  4. I have soooo many photos I need to print. I used to get some done each month but life gets in the way. Photo books are a great idea for things like holiday memories.

    1. Oh yes doesn't it just! Perhaps print every three months

  5. I try to remember to make photo books up from big trips we go on

    1. Oh yes I must admit its something that I tend to forget also

  6. I keep meaning to print our digital photos out in to books, but I never get round to it. The last one I did was ten years ago...

    1. Oh my goodness, ten years ago. That is so long ago. You should make one.

  7. I love photobooks, I haven't used Jessops before though so will have to look into them. YOur photos are gorgeous and you are right about SPring being the best time to take pretty photos xx

    1. Oh Spring is my favourite time of the year for photos.

  8. This is a fab idea. Personally, I like a print out of a piccy where possible, so love this xx


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