Kidloland is THE app you NEED!

Screen time for children is a contentious issue and whether you agree with it or not developments in technology and gadgets means that screen time is becoming inevitable. I am a parent who will allow their child to have screen time. But it seems that parents who allow screen time are getting a bad rep, but I really don't know  why because I believe it can be a great learning resource. We could sit here all day and argue about whether screen time is beneficial or detrimental to a development in children, but screen time in moderation can really have an impact on learning and development.

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As a blogger we are always being offered opportunities to try new apps. There are a countless number of amazing apps that can actually help enhance your child's development, some promote motor skills, enhance memory and pattern recognition. But with anything like this, screen time should be limited. Screens are in no way a substitute for one to one based learning and development. If you're a parent, chances are you have come across Kidloland at some point. However if you are not familiar with Kidloland, you really need to find out what it's all about. Kidloland is THE app to have!!!

What is Kidloland? 

I honestly cannot tell you how much we love the app, it's something that my daughter loves to watch and we can continue to encourage her learning. Kidloland is jam-packed with Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Games, Stories and Activities that will be sure to engage any pre-schooler and promote further interaction. The app teaches about different fruits, vegetables, animals, ABCs, numbers and shapes just to name a few, it such an amazing program. However, Kidloland released another app Coding for Kids and we had so much fun getting to grips with coding. Not only is my daughter learning new skills and attributes she is also having lots of fun. 

But what makes this app even better is that while my daughter plays with each activity she is learning something new each time. I'm not just saying this but it really is a 'must-have' app for any parent with children. The award winning, fun, interactive and educational app is designed specific content for children aged between babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers right up to the age of eight. They have added new topics such as Algebra, Geometry, Science, Geography, Coding and so much more!

This app has so many high-quality illustrations, learning activities and wonderful animations to teach our little ones. I can categorically say that there is no need for any other apps as this covers most learning and have enough to help keep your little one entertained and learn new things all whilst having fun. For us one of the best things about this app is once you have downloaded all the activities that you want is doesn't need to be connected to the internet which is fantastic new for us as we travel all over the countryside. And even better? There are no annoying advertisements. 

Our Favourite Activities

With over 400 different nursery rhymes and learning songs, and over 300 different activities you are really spoiled for choice With exciting activities such as Puzzles, Join the Dots, Matching the Shadows, Sorting as well as Dressing, Popping Balloons, Cleaning activities will help keep your little one entertained for hours. My daughter enjoys so many of the activities but her favourites are the Dino and the surprise eggs. Who doesn't love surprises? All little ones can enjoy tapping on the eggs on screen and watch surprises come alive. Fruits and the vegetable are also at the top of her favourite list and she will happily sit there happily singing along. My daughter likes the chomping monsters which is like a puzzle where she has to fit the pieces together to make the fruit. The musical petals is also becoming a firm favourite where she chooses a song and touches the petals to sound out the song. There is so much to this app we haven't even managed to get through all the activities yet. But while we discover all the new activities not only is my daughter is being entertained but she is learning!

This app is probably one of the best thought out apps on the market at the moment. It's an app that is engaging with the bright, colourful characters and illustrations that will be sure to encourage interaction. My daughter found navigating herself around the app and it's content easy and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that there was just so much to choose from. More songs, stories, activities and games are added every month so there is always something new every time she plays.

What My Daughter Thought?

As I'm sure you can imagine my daughter absolutely loves Kidloland. I'm really glad that my daughter took to the app pretty much straightaway and this has become her go to app now, which means I can get rid of all the ones that have the annoying advertising! My little girl started school in September and gradually over that time she has really become accustomed to phonics and is even in the beginning stages of reading, everyday she surprises me. Kidloland is very encouraging in those first steps towards reading with a complete Phonics section with songs and activities to help children take their first steps towards reading. My daughter will play with the app with me for a good 20-30 minutes, with a keen and constant interest. 

So in a nutshell, this is THE app you NEED for little ones. Not only will it help encourage learning but it will also make learning fun. Whenever friends or family ask what apps I have for my daughter I will always recommend Kidloland, it really does have everything you will need from the babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and even learning sections for children up to the age of eight. Anyone who subscribes to KidloLand through my Coupon Code MIMIROSE will get FLAT 10% OFF on the yearly subscription. Please note that to redeem this Coupon Code, you will have to apply through this link only.