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Explore The Adventure: Blackbeard's Adventure Golf Course

Hunstanton is one beach you won’t forget with its candy cane striped cliffs and plenty of fossils to dig up. Hunstanton beach is an extraordinarily diverse and unique beach. Well, on the one hand you have the South beach, or main beach as it's known, which has all the modern seaside attractions that many desire, with the fairground, donkey rides, seal boat tours, attractions such as and The Sealife Sanctuary. That's not even including the many great places to eat, the ice cream shops or action packed amusements. We have been exploring lots of adventures in Hunstanton and one is Blackbeard's Adventure Golf Course. 

Located next to the Sea Life Centre on the sea front, this is definitely a place you need to try at least one when you're at Hunstanton Beach. It’s themed around the great pirate Blackbeard himself. A family favourite will see you take on the pirate adventure through the 18 hole course. We have never taken our daughter to mini golf before and even though she lost interested around hole 12, we all had a fantastic time and you'll be pleased to know that I came last, the four year old beat me!!! A FOUR YEAR OLD. I totally let her win! At first we wasn't too sure if this was going to be our daughter's cup of tea, but she really got into the game and loved talking about the pirates. 

On arrival we were greeted by a friendly bearded 'pirate' at the kiosk and we paid for our tickets and we were given golf cues, balls and sheets to note down our scores. I thought that it was lovely touch that the man behind the kiosk tried to find a red ball for our daughter as per her request. 

We then started our game, and at that time there was no other people on the course and once we got to hole number five there was an influx of people and we did feel at times we were pushed along, which wasn't great. We didn't spend more than we needed to on each course, but a family behind us made it clear that they wanted to move on by stepping onto our part of the course. However, this wasn't really anything to do with Blackbeard's Adventure Golf Course. There are clear signs across the course letting families know that during busier times families are required to keep the touches to no more than five before moving on. 

As we made our way around our daughter loved looking for all the pirates and singing the swashbucklers theme tune. As I mentioned, our daughter did loose a little interest and patience with the ball not getting into the hole, she broke the rules by picking the ball up and popping it in the hole. So we tried to hurry along before she unleashed a major meltdown. After our game, everyone got a chance to pot one more ball to get a chance to win another game. My husband got one, our daughter missed it slightly and I actually got a hole in one and won a game. I was so happy to say the least, we will save those for another time.

Tickets are pretty reasonable at £5.50 for adults and £4.00 for children 10 years and under. There are also family tickets available made up of two adults and two children for £17.00. You are also able to make group bookings, however you would need to call Blackbeard's Adventure Golf for more details. In a nutshell, we had such a fun-filled afternoon at Blackbeard's Adventure Golf Course and it's an adventure that you should try at least once. We also thought that the course was really well thought out and the theme was perfect partnered with a the beach across the promenade. A wonderful afternoon. 

8 comments on "Explore The Adventure: Blackbeard's Adventure Golf Course"
  1. I love Hunstanton - the sunsets there are just unreal! We also really enjoy adventure golf as a family, so we will certainly be heading here next time we visit :)

  2. This looks like so much fun. I want to take my children to an adventure golf course over the summer holidays.

  3. I haven't played mini golf for years. Looks like a great place to go.

  4. Hunstanton is one of our favourite beaches. I have many happy memories also visiting there as a child myself.

  5. This sounds like fun! There's a new themed mini golf place opened up near us (if I rememember rightly it's jungle themed) and we are planning to try it out over the holidays.

  6. I used to live near Hunstanton, so visited often. What I love about the North Norfolk coast is that you have busy resorts like Hunstanton to enjoy, then, just a few short miles along the coast you have the isolation of Holkham and all the lovely villages and pubs to explore too!

  7. Hunstanton beach is one of our all time favourite beaches in the UK, I loved this themed mini golf place.

  8. We love adventure golf, it's so much fun! It sounds like it's perfectly themed too.


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