A Bathroom Remodel: Where to Start?

It's spring and what comes with spring? The beautiful sunshine, spending afternoons in the garden, blues skies and pretty flowers. It's also the perfect time of year to make plans for the coming months and that ever growing list of tasks that we never seem to get around to doing . 

But like most families, life can get busy and things can take a back seat. We all need a helping hand sometimes, whether it's a plumber, handyman, photographer or even a party planner. For all these types of professionals we normally find ourselves trawling through pages on the internet, or looking through adverts in the local newspapers. It can be such a tedious task, but something we need to do. 

New Year Brings New Change...

Every year we like to make changes in our home and there are two rooms in particular that need some focus and that's the kitchen and the bathroom. These two are pretty big jobs and needs a lot of planning, so we have decided to start with a remodel of the bathroom.

When we spoke of a remodel I honestly didn't have a clue where to start, I think that the only thing we was confident with is that we wanted a beach theme, original I know, but we love anything nautical. But then we began to ask ourselves all kinds of questions. Both my husband and I needed to decide whether we wanted to install the bathroom ourselves, project manage other trades to fit your bathroom, or get a bathroom specialist to design and then see it through to completion. Do you need bathroom design consultation advice? Visit Harrogate Bathroom Showroom and their designers will design a dream bathroom for you.

A bathroom remodel isn't a walk in the park. It's all about plumbing, electrical, and tile work which are all highly skilled trades. Have you ever put up a tile, not knowing what you're actually doing? Hmmm I have and let me tell you, it's hard work and there's a lot more to consider than you think. As we started to pull some tiles away we discovered that a whole wall had rotted and we needed a completely new wall. That's without mentioning that many of us don't like to be without a bathroom for too long so there's a time frame to consider. Fitting a new bathroom undoubtedly requires time, patience, a moderate level of DIY knowledge and the right materials. 

Many people choose to tackle a bathroom remodel on their own, whilst other choose a place to task in the hand of professionals. But which option is best for us? My husband is pretty great with his hands but works in a high pressure job and wouldn't be able to carry out the work in a weekend? What exactly will a remodel involve and will taking it on ourselves save us time and money, or do the exact opposite?

Personally with a remodel and so much to consider the most obvious solution was to call in the professionals. Companies that pride themselves on perfection in work and that has some brilliant values that promise to help support the customer, understanding their needs and consider other factors too. Yes, there's only one real reason why you wouldn't hire professionals to handle your bathroom remodelling job. But it is a very important reason.

The cost. Now this is the most obvious reason why many choose to carry out the work themselves. When it comes to a bathroom remodel the biggest things to take into consideration is the cost. Even the smallest bathroom can cost more than £5,000 but if you need a complete overhaul you could be looking at more than £15,000. It can vary. In almost every instance, you will save a big chunk of money by carrying out all the work yourself. The bottom line is that most people with a moderate amount of experience could do at least the surface modelling of a bathroom. But what else needs to be considered?

A complete overhaul with a bathroom can take a lot of time, and for us personally time is not something that we have a luxury of, so we would need a bathroom in and out in less than a week. Now is this something that both my husband and I could commit to? Honestly, probably not! We both lead busy lives and have a young daughter so a turnaround of a week would HAVE to be enough time. As busy homeowners squeezing remodelling work into a busy schedule may take a lot longer than we would if we hired contractors to carry out the work. You also need to take into consideration that fact that we don't have an extra bathroom we would need hire some pros. 

The main advantage of having professionals install a bathroom is simply the convenience. A professional crew of two or three workers can navigate most of the things to take into consideration and into place and mount them quicker and easier than you can do it. You will at least be confident in knowing that it's been installed correctly without question. Installing any electrics or piping is tough, my husband does work in engineering but doesn't mean he will know everything that comes with electrics and piping.  

In a nutshell, by hiring professionals from design, installation to completion would be more beneficial to our bus lifestyle. We won't have the task of designing, or be under any kind of stress or consider any time frame to work with. Professionals will ultimately do the job better and faster than we ever could could. 

Unlike other rooms in your house, remodelling a bathroom can be quite technical. Where you can get new curtains or change wall paint to give your bedroom a new look, you have to deal with the underlying structure of plumbing and electrical system for remodelling a bathroom. Layout changes, such as switching toilet and shower all require professional services. Therefore, it is always a good idea to hire professional services so that you can get it right the first time. 

By hiring a professional team from designing, the structure, to installing through to completion made complete sense. It's a no brainer. So if you're thinking about a remodel of a bathroom and you're not sure whether you should carry out the work yourselves or hire someone professional from on our experience going to professional is the better choice. It's quicker, stress free and you don't have to worry about a thing. Yes, you will have to be willing to part with some cash but at least this way you'll know that the remodel has been carried out correctly without any problems. Personally, I don't that it's such a big sacrifice when you look at the bigger picture. 

In collaboration with Harrogate Bathroom, but as always my words are my own and the images have been provided by Harrogate Bathroom. 


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